Of Golf Widows and Orphans! (Kericho Chronicles Part 2 of 3)

June 16, 2015

One thing I admire my dad for, besides how much he spoils me, is how passionate he is about the things he does. Be it his work, which ensures he has money to buy me corn puffs, popcorn and ice cream (I think that’s where most of his cash goes because I tend to consume a lot of those) or massaging my feet every single evening no matter how tired he is from work. He does all this with so much enthusiasm. But what actually tops the list is his love for golf, a sport he has participated in actively since he was 7 years old. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing (not even I) comes in the way of his game. He will make it for his 7.00am tee off on a Saturday morning even if he was up for the better part of the night on the previous night.

Having said that, the one thing he looks forward to the most whenever he goes to Kericho is a round of golf at the course where it all begun. He tells me the memory of his parents taking him and his siblings to the club on Sunday after church and using them as their caddies is too precious. On other occasions, they would all go to the practice range where they would learn how to hit the ball and achieve the perfect swing with old wooden clubs whose shafts the dad would trim for ease of use by the aspiring golfers! Quite innovative I must say.

On this particular trip, mummy was quite the party pooper as she did not want to hear none of golf. Don’t get it wrong, she has always been supportive of daddy especially seeing all the awards he brings home ha-ha. However, when she intends for us all to spend time together, golf especially where a tournament is involved, cannot be on anyone’s list given that it’s a whole day’s affair (the golfers will always say that they will be done by midday but it will never happen). See, mummy sucks at photography and for this reason, she wanted daddy with us wherever we went, to capture all the picturesque moments. After all, it was a very short trip as we would get to Kericho on Saturday late afternoon and leave on Monday morning.

She was so keen on ensuring that everything worked out as she had planned that she went to the extent of hiding daddy’s golf attire! On Sunday morning, daddy and grandpa were up by 6.00am with the intention of dashing to church and then hitting the golf course. You can imagine his shock when he could not find his clothes ha-ha. But like I said, nothing gets in the way of his game. He ended up wearing grandpa’s clothes that were almost three sizes bigger. Now you can imagine mummy’s reaction when she woke up to a text saying they had left for church then golf and would be done by midday! Let’s just say I have never seen my mummy that mad, not even when I smeared petroleum jelly on her seats. Anyway, they say if you can’t beat them, join them. Both mummy and I are planning on taking up the sport very soon.

We got ready, took a couple of photos outside grandpas house while Astra (grandpa’s Doberman) kept scaring the daylights out of me as I am not used to dogs. We then headed to the golf course where we took a few photos on the practice range. I managed to spot daddy when he was going for his second nine at around 2.00pm (so much for winding up at midday!) and we decided to follow him.

I hope you enjoy the photos despite them being a bit mediocre. I promise to ensure mummy takes online photography classes for moments like this.

Wishing you a passionate week!

Love, Lil_missbelle.

Outfit-Mr Price (at the Junction Mall)



Hey Xin Xin. Hope you pick up the game sooner than we did. I picked it up at 4. We started playing golf with hockey sticks and golf balls that had rubber bands inside. Nice pics. Hope you will add more after this weekend. Hope you will be up to watch Lion King with your uncle and cousins


Miss Belle….you are spot on. Seeing that dad started at 7 beat him and start at 5…..that was a funny chronicle. Made my evening

Timothy Mbugua

Hey Lil Miss Belle! Awesome stuff, hopefully one day you’ll become a golf champion. And Astra looks harmless! 😛 All the best with your swing and par!


Oh my, Astra looks scary alright! But I’m sure he would not have hurt you. Anyway, I’m pretty sure when you take up golf (note I said when, not if coz clearly it’s genetic), you’ll understand the African timing that comes with the sport.

Tell mummy she doesn’t need classes, just Google tips on taking nice photos, and voila, professional photographer! Hehe


Hahaa…Xena and her crackcurls! I’ll be so sad when you outgrow them. Please remain adorable and cute?

Okay, serious comment coming shortly

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