The Arboretum (Kericho Chronicles Part 3 of 3)

June 17, 2015

On Sunday afternoon, as daddy was winding up on golf, mummy and I decided to take a drive to one of the most beautiful places in Kericho, an arboretum that is smack in the middle of tea fields. The marvellous sights and sounds of these gardens were pure heaven for me. Some monkeys were even having a tug of war a few steps from us and as terrifying as it was at first, I got used to them when I realised they were least bothered by us.

If you’ve been following my Kericho escapades then you may realise that on the same day I had a different outfit in the morning, a beige and orange short sleeve crop top with matching volleyball shorts. Like I mentioned, our trip to Kericho was quite short and I needed to make the most out of it, especially for my blog. A change of clothes for the arboretum shoot was therefore necessary as I needed a striking colour that would stand out against the lush background and my hot pink harem pants did the trick.

I will also throw in a few pics of some shots we took the next morning before we left for Nairobi.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and hopefully it will inspire you to visit the beautiful county of Kericho.

Love, Lilmissbelle.


Harem pants, monochrome top and boots Mr Price (at the Junction)

Poncho- Next courtesy of House of Tych

Pink straight pants- Thrift

Ballerina shoes-gift from friend



Kevin, Bree, Reny, i feel like Kericho County has not done much to promote tourism to this scenic place. Cant wait to go back there 🙂


Oh, I am inspired alright. I always thought it was a boring place full of tea plantations, but I see there are monkeys as well! Hehe. Please travel again soon so I can have more places to add to my bucket list.

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