The Pursuit Of Happyness (Father’s Day 2015)

June 28, 2015

On Saturday evening, my two cousins aged four and five were dropped off at my house. Mummy was out with her friends and my nanny was away. This means that daddy needed some divine intervention to handle all of us by himself! Anyway, it wasn’t too bad I guess as he laid some ground rules which we recited for a while and he promised that we would get to have anything we wanted as long as we did not break the rules (watch a recap of us reciting the rules the following day here). He took us to the mall where we had dinner and an overload of all things sweet from planet yogurt (I hope mummy doesn’t read this!). Upon getting home, daddy washed us (at least those of us who still need help in that area) then got us all warm and cosy and treated us to lots of popcorn. He turned down our request to watch “Frozen”, and instead got us to watch “The Pursuit of Happyness”, a movie that reduced all of us to tears.

On Sunday we headed over to my bestie’s house for lunch where we played till dusk. Thank God for midterm as I can’t remember the last time I was out so late on a Sunday 🙂

So mummy informed me that Sunday was actually Father’s Day, a day set aside to honour and celebrate the father figures in our lives. It made sense why daddy got us to watch The Pursuit Of Happyness, so that we could understand what happens behind the scene and that it’s never as rosy as it seems. I am grateful for my dad and the sacrifices he makes to ensure we don’t lack. I am also grateful for all the uncles who play a big role in my life (read spoiling me rotten) and to both my grandpas for bringing up the coolest parents ever!

Happy Father’s Day yall!


Outfit details

Shades- Mr Price (at the junction-was the last piece though)

Jeans-Baby Shop (at the junction)

Sweat Shirt-Mr Price (at the junction)

Tee-shirt-Mr Price (at the junction)

Sneakers-Minimee Babies



Entertaining as always. Ya’ll guys look great. And Makena is already talking! They grow up so fast…. Oh, and the kiddies outfits are amazing btw. I’ve missed you guys though. 🙁

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