A New Lease Of Life

July 20, 2015

Have you ever felt like the universe was punishing you or your family for crimes you are not even sure of having committed? That was me for the last three weeks. It started with a fever on the night of Friday 26th June. I woke up on Saturday feeling a bit low and after taking paracetamol, I felt strong enough to participate in a planned family photo shoot which I later on blogged about here Church Affair. On Sunday, I went to have my fever checked at one of the children’s hospitals and the doctor could not pick any infection. Two days later I went to my pediatrician and turned out I had a bacterial infection which was promptly treated with an antibiotic and I was strong enough to go back to school on Friday 3rd July. I even managed to squeeze in a blog shoot on Saturday morning which I never got to share with you guys because mummy, who helps me put my features together, went down with a flu on Sunday.

Just as I was celebrating my recovery, I developed this nagging cough on Monday which we tried to fight with increased intake of fruits, vegetables, fluids, the usual concoction of ginger, turmeric, lemon and honey and even using menthol decongestants in hot water and inhaling the steam. On Wednesday 8th July after school, I got this very high fever which we once again suppressed with paracetamol and I took a break from school, but by Saturday night, my situation was quite depressing as my cough got worse, my fever was quite high at 40 degrees and I had completely lost my appetite. Sunday morning found us at the hospital and after a thorough chest examination and blood count, turned out I had a viral infection and my symptoms could only be eased with an antihistamine and inhaler for decongestion, and of course paracetamol for the fever, while at the same time increasing my intake of vitamin c and iron.

To cut the long story short, my cough got worse and we barely slept on Sunday and Monday night. I saw my pediatrician on the morning of Tuesday 14th July and what she told my parents after examining me felt like a death sentence. I was diagnosed with pneumonia which apparently had spread quite extensively in my lungs. This required immediate admission in hospital.

As I write this on Sunday 19th July, I’m happy to inform you all that after a gruelling week where I did nothing but mostly lay in the hospital bed receiving all sorts of medication for three days, I’m finally back on my feet, upbeat as ever and desperately wanting to go back to my life as I knew it. Funny how the first thing I asked my dad when I got home was where the camera was after not finding it in its usual spot. I miss doing photo shoots and most of all I miss school so much. My teachers, one of my classmates and her mum came to see me in hospital on Thursday afternoon and believe it or not, that was the first time I smiled at anyone else besides my folks.

I feel like I got a new lease of life which I plan on making the best of. Thanking God for healing me and I am grateful to my classmates, teachers, friends and family for praying for me and encouraging my family.

Cheers to good health!

I left the hospital on Saturday 18th July with a new friend! Say hi to “Shyek” (I pronounce my r’s as y’s lol)

Sunday Evening grabbing pizza at Debonairs. How had i missed you!



Nelly, your words are so kind and humbling. May God hear and answer your prayer for me, Amen. Thanks for staying tuned 🙂


Glad you are back again….. You are just young girl who is a fighter…nothing is going to hinder your desires and ambitions in life… You are limitless


Thanks Mokeirah and yeah it feels good to be back! Look out for more posts, bigger and better. The energy is amazing! Have an awesome day.


Xena! 🙂 Ain’t it a joy to have you back \o/…your posts; something to look forward to again every morning. We are glad you are back and that you braved the illness. You are a warrior(warrioress?) just like Xena the Warrior Princess.


Hi Sheelah, glad to know you enjoy my posts and you can stalk me as much as you want! I’m happy to have my health back and I promise to keep you entertained. Thanks for your kind words too. Look out for the next post this Thursday.


Oooooh missbelle so sorry for what you had to go through but thank God you are back on your feet,I have been refreshing your page every morning hoping to find a new post(stalker much)….cant wait for the next post…

Cheers to life and good health!

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