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Month: August 2015

Food & Entertainment

Work hard, play harder..

August 31, 2015
Lil'missbelle-Play 1

It’s amazing how simple play equipment have the ability to lift my spirits in ways I cannot even begin to describe! But first things first, today marked my first day at my new school and boy was I excited! For…


And the winner is..

August 28, 2015
Lilmissbelle-And the winner is 1

After sending out a plea for help to you guys a few days ago, the responses I got were overwhelming (as seen here)! Honestly I didn’t expect that many replies, although some of you chose not to follow the rules…


I will soon have a new hand to hold..

August 26, 2015
lilmissbelle-someone to love 2

I will soon have a new hand to hold, mummy and daddy, a new life to mold! Someone to bully love :). After the long wait, and watching mummy’s stomach evolve from how an ordinary tummy appears after one has…

Fashion & Style

Prints & Stripes

August 24, 2015
Prints & Patterns 1

Ever wondered why they place wedding cakes, some of them heavily tiered, right in the middle or at the front of the sitting area where everyone can clearly see? Which leaves the guests lusting over these magnificently crafted delicacies for…



August 21, 2015
Lilmissbelle-Mintspiration banner

Staying indoors especially during the day gives me the most unsettling feeling. Worse still when mommy’s idea of chilling involves tucking under the covers and watching cartoons. Can’t blame her though as she is quite exhausted most of the time,…


So long, farewell..

August 7, 2015

Orientation day at Kiota School saw the parents addressed under a tent by Miss Jenny, the Head Teacher, while we (the kids) got to explore the numerous play equipment that had been laid out for us, from bouncing castles, to…


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