August 21, 2015

Staying indoors especially during the day gives me the most unsettling feeling. Worse still when mommy’s idea of chilling involves tucking under the covers and watching cartoons. Can’t blame her though as she is quite exhausted most of the time, which is a story for another day. I love being on the move and engaging in physical activities and I guess for that reason, play centers will continue to flourish as long as I remain a kid!

Last Sunday was quite chilly and being outdoors was not appealing even to my dad, who is so much like me and loves to be up and about. But being daddy’s little girl, my tantrums got him to convince mummy to shake off the duvet and join us for a drive in the evening, after being indoors all day, save for the early morning part where we went to church and dashed back home.

In retrospect, my urge to get out of the house must have also been informed by the fact that I felt I had dressed too good to waste the look indoors and also, the complements I got in church in the morning kinda inflated my small head hehe :). A girl is allowed to feel good about herself when she knows she’s got her outfit right, right?

I rocked my mint sweater with matching denim pants, whose floral patterns in coral hues reminded me of my love for yawas (flowers) lol. My all-time favorite Clarks boots could not have come in more handy especially since the grass at the shoot venue was quite long, and the ground wet.

I hope you feel inspired to be on the move even when the cold tries to lock you down but be sure to keep warm my friends! I couldn’t emphasize that more.

Hugs & Kisses


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Matt M
Matt M
8 years ago

Nice photos lil’missbelle

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