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August 24, 2015
Prints & Patterns 1

Ever wondered why they place wedding cakes, some of them heavily tiered, right in the middle or at the front of the sitting area where everyone can clearly see? Which leaves the guests lusting over these magnificently crafted delicacies for the entire duration of the ceremony, given that cake cutting always signifies the end of the event, at least as I have witnessed in the few weddings I have attended. I find this unfair as I am never able to concentrate on the proceedings which keeps me bugging mummy over what time the wedding would be over so that I could get on with what really took me there!That said, I recently attended my mum’s colleagues wedding and luckily (for me), we only got there almost towards the end of the ceremony (due to other engagements) which means I didn’t have to lust over the cake for too long!

With regards to my outfit, i found out a simple way to pair prints and patterns and not look like a clown. The first rule is to repeat colors, such that the different prints have one color in common. This helps the prints complement each other. In my case, I worked with color blue, one of my favorites. The second and easiest way to pair prints and patterns, whilst still bearing in mind the color rule, is to consider stripes a neutral, as you would black or white. I paired my floral blue dress with a stripped blue blazer and voila!

Teach your kids to embrace patterns and prints by following these two simple rules and thank me later! Gone are the days when girls would be dressed in baby doll dresses and plastic sandals all year long!

Prints & Patterns 2

Prints & Patterns 3

Prints & Patterns 4

Prints & Patterns 4

Prints & Patterns 5

Prints & Patterns 6

Prints & Patterns 7

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    Awwww 🙂 Mokeira thanks for reading and just so you know your complements are always humbling. Thanks dear. Looking for another pair coz this one is almost getting attached to my face!


I have gotten some serious fashion advice from this mini-angel!! love it!! my prints and florals are soon coming together 🙂

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