So long, farewell..

August 7, 2015

Orientation day at Kiota School saw the parents addressed under a tent by Miss Jenny, the Head Teacher, while we (the kids) got to explore the numerous play equipment that had been laid out for us, from bouncing castles, to slides and swings. So you would understand why on the first day of school I was quite confused when my folks led me to some room (which I would later come to know as my class), as opposed to the play area! I insisted that I wanted to go “jump” but Miss Manga, who turned out to be my class teacher and the best ever, politely explained that I had to be in class for a while and later on we would go play.

Miss Jenny and Miss Manga cracking up over…well i cant even remember what was so funny but hey! Happy souls 🙂

Fast forward to several months later and boy don’t I have fond memories of the school…

The time we spent singing in the van on our way to school under the watchful eye of “Mr Animal” whose name I later on learnt to pronounce properly as Mr Philemon. The Kiota School chant that we would all get into as we approached the gate. The numerous songs that Miss Manga taught us will forever keep my people entertained. I learnt to remove and put on my shoes by myself, to go to the toilet and wash my hands thereafter and for that reason I no longer wear diapers. Have I mentioned that I’m seriously considering pursuing cooking classes as I’ve had so much fun baking cakes, making pizza amongst others? Watch this space! My nanny says she’ll miss the termly training sessions that the school organized for them. Thanks to the last training on nutrition, she’s been keener to see me eat veggies. I dislike them, but her stern look somehow gets me to clear everything on my plate! They were also taught by our school chef how to make Kiota’s signature mandazis that are mouthwatering to say the least! Oh and yeah, I will miss Kiota for its mandazis too 🙁 .

I have only been in Kiota School since the beginning of this year and last Wednesday was our closing day which also marked my last day there. The day before, we had my farewell in class and I got to indulge in the most delectable cake I’ve had in a while. I feel sad leaving but I will definitely cherish the time I spent and the friends I made along the way. Mum promises to arrange a play date with them soon.

My friends and i lusting over the cake!

If you haven’t watched the movie The Sound Of Music, your folks have clearly done you a great injustice! The events of this week got me thinking of and singing along to one of the soundtracks of that movie which has rightfully informed the title of this post.

To you, my lovely Kiota Family, I appreciate every experience that we have shared and would not trade it for anything!

Thanks you Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography for the amazing shots!

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Manga Mlamba
Manga Mlamba
7 years ago

Wow! Time really does fly, I miss you soo much! Imagine my surprise when almost a year later I happen upon this wonderful blog! Thank you for being a part of my class Xena, it was an honor to teach you and share in the milestones you made. Go lilmissbelle!

7 years ago
Reply to  Manga Mlamba

Awwwwwww I miss you more. To date, I keep asking mom when she will take me to see Mrs Manga but she keeps saying she will plan. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to introduce me to schooling at such a tender age. Hope this long overdue hook up can finally materialize.

8 years ago

And I’ll definitely miss hearing about Miss Manga 🙁

8 years ago

Aaaw, Mr Animal!! Trust you to comeup with that. That is such a sombre piece. I felt like I was leaving Kiota school as well :-(..But hey, the end of one phase is the beginning of another. Can’t wait to read about your escapades in your new school!!

8 years ago

Very nice post. I love it

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