Lights, Camera, Action!

September 14, 2015

The best thing about expecting a sibling besides what I talked about on “I will soon have a new hand to holdis the fact that I got to have my room pimped, and I mean seriously pimped!

Let me be honest with you guys, these expressions here and here which I had when being evicted from my cot were a complete hoax. I just did not want my folks to feel like I was more than happy to move over and make way for my sister to get all the attention that I am used to, sleep in my folks room like I used to before I turned one and all the nice things that come with being an infant. I did not want my folks to know how happy I was to move on, so I faked the sadness. However, I must add that it would have been depressing had they not made my transition so much easier.

Besides the funky bed (which has upstairs and downstairs as I like to refer to it) and the cool wall art with my name on it, I was most excited, still am, about the lights in my room. The ceiling light, a pretty beige chandelier that lights up in three different ways (bright white, golden glow and then a blend of the two), has a slot for a USB disk that you can fill up with all your favorite rhymes which play every time the lights come on! Whoever came up with the “singing lights” concept surely deserves an award! Given that the lights were fixed during school holidays, I pretty much wanted to stay in my room all day just listening and dancing to those rhymes. Trust me, for someone who loves to be outdoors, this speaks volumes.

My other fascination revolves around the wall lights which are pink in color with my favorite cartoon character on them and brings out this warm pinkish glow when they come on. I have literally dragged every visitor in the last one month to my room just to show off how cool the lights are.

Click on this link to watch my room’s video or watch it below:


It would be very mean of me to brag endlessly without guiding you guys on where you could get the lights from, assuming I have convinced you that you have been living in archaic days and need to move over to the new era 🙂 . Check the details below and what’s more, you get a 10% discount if you mention that you were referred by Lil’missbelle 🙂 . Happy shopping!

Hugs & Kisses,


Videography By Charles Ngomo Of RoyalReel

Lights from Shisha Décor (Contact them on 0723-420204)

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Shelmith Ng'ang'a
Shelmith Ng'ang'a
8 years ago


8 years ago

I love the video!!. I need to meet this Charles genius

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