Happy 3rd Birthday To Me!

September 30, 2015

This morning, to my surprise, I woke up to mummy standing next to my bed gazing at me after which she immediately broke into the birthday chant. I say to my surprise because since my sister’s arrival, mummy has not had time to get me ready for school in the morning. She is usually fast asleep whenever I walk into her room to bid her goodbye just as I am about to leave for school, probably because she stays up late, staring at my sister. I can’t blame her as my sister is truly adorable and I will tell you all about her in a different post, soon.

So today I celebrated three years of existence. My parents must be extremely proud of me. They brought me amazingly delightful cake and cookies at school which I got to share with my friends and classmates. I felt very special especially since I have been craving attention of late (don’t judge me, we all have our moments 🙂 ). I got a beautiful piggy bank with my photo printed on it from my friend Sylvia and i can’t wait to vamp up my savings. The biggest surprise was this gorgeous set of clothes and shoes from my friend and fan, Lilian, all the way from the USA, which I cannot wait to blog about! Your hearts must be surely made of gold 🙂

To all those who sent me lovely messages on my social media pages, I heart you. You are far too kind. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you this New Year and I promise you it will be an interesting ride so sit tight!

Much love,


Happy 3rd Birthday 1

Happy 3rd Birthday 2

Happy 3rd Birthday 3

Happy 3rd Birthday 4

Happy 3rd Birthday 5

Happy 3rd Birthday 6

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7 years ago

..So am here ,been looking for the exact birth date of Xena and daaamn!!! those are many posts you have done ever since…lol….Now to scout for that present … hahaha..and for Xia too whose is abit earlier… we have no idea what we are going to get you two but we will do our best …<3

8 years ago

How much fun u had xena u are a blessing to ur parents,,,, hapi b-day

8 years ago

How much fun will it be celebrating both you and your sister’s birthday together??? I’m already giddy with excitement!

8 years ago

Oh My…hope some cake remained. Looks delicious!! Happy birthday pretty girl….looking forward to more of those!

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