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October 6, 2015

It is amazing how rocking a gorgeous outfit and completely slaying at that can uplift one’s spirits. No wonder, my grandma used to tell my mommy that on days you feel your worst, dress your best. Would you believe that this look was the last of six, on a day we started shooting at 10.00am and wound up at 3.00pm?

Photography By Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

I was completely knackered by the time we were doing this last shoot but the moment I got all dressed up and took one look at myself, somehow, all the energy came back rushing into my system, as if I had just consumed loads of candy and was experiencing a sugar rush!

It also helped that some two very huge but harmless dogs, not sure of the breed, kept hovering around me and that kept me alert and excited. Which reminds me, I need to ask my dad to get me a dog. This year, I have been obsessing over cute little dogs, such as the golden retrievers in this clip! How sweet are they?

Anyway, back to my outfit of the day, or should I say of the hour? I’m obsessed with these pants and I wish I could get them in different colors! Unfortunately, they were thrifted and I guess I was lucky to find them in the first place. Currently hunting for stores, both locally and abroad, where I can get such so if you guys have a clue, do share in the comments section.

The shoot was done at the Arbor, which I talked about over here, and my foodie friend reviewed a few months back, over here.

By the way, thank you guys for your congratulatory messages and kind comments about my sister following the previous post, Big Sister Chronicles. I feel all your love and I am sending it right back to you, praying that you will have an awesome and productive October!

Much Love,


Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 2

Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 3

Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 4

Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 5

Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 6

Lil'missbelle-Capri Love 7


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[…] every party you host or attend. The black pants are comfortable and stylish while the white top (featured here) adds a touch of class and elegance. As if that’s not enough, I decided to yet again raid […]

8 years ago

I love the outfit, and you slayed it xena. Thrifting is where you get so beautiful pieces (that is if you are lucky).

About that puppy, yes you must ask for it. They are the best companions

8 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

Yea, if only.

You are welcome

8 years ago

I can’t get over how pretty this outfit it. Sooo beautiful! If only my Lowell was a girl!!!

8 years ago

me too please let us know where we can get those pants and the shoes. pretty as always!!!

8 years ago

Hahaa, mama is using “slay” these days as well, ay?? Clearly you are keeping her on her toes. Looking glam as always 🙂

8 years ago

My shaggy Fro favourite human!!slaying as always?Blessings

mama JaZmyne
mama JaZmyne
8 years ago

looking pretty
need similar pants for my gal
where can I get them

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