Big Sister Chronicles

October 1, 2015
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After the long wait, many months of mommy complaining about excruciating backaches, a flat palate and just the lack of comfortable sitting and sleeping positions, my sister was finally “removed” from her stomach on September 19th. I don’t understand what took them so long to make that decision! Every time mommy whined about her discomfort I would tell her to go to the hospital and have the baby “removed”. She didn’t take me seriously until the last minute when she couldn’t handle the fatigue anymore.

Photography by Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

I accompanied my dad to the hospital on Saturday morning filled with so much anxiety, deep in thought throughout the entire trip. What would my sister look like? Would she want to play with me? Would she love the pink Mickey Mouse doll I had bought her? I had all these questions running in my head and upon asking my dad, he reassured me that my sister could not wait to meet me. He was up all night at the hospital helping the doctors with the delivery so I assumed he had a chance to chat with her before leaving for home, given that he was pretty confident that all would be well.

When I first laid my eyes on her, I was in utter disbelief! To think that the tiniest, most calm human being I have come across yet was the reason for all that agony was impossible. She lay in a small cot, all curled up. I panicked at the thought of touching her. Mummy encouraged me to stroke her face so that she would wake up and while I was initially scared that her face would disintegrate, I later wanted to poke her eyes just to confirm that they were solid and functional! My folks were not amused with that I must add. Daddy exposed her feet which to my shock were the size of my thumb! He asked me to tickle them and whenever I did that she would pull them back towards her stomach. She would stretch out again thinking I was no longer in sight and I would tickle her feet once again. There we were, already playing a new game, or so I thought until she started to cringe and turned all red. Mummy informed me that she was upset and hungry and I offered to share my cake, a slice that dad bought me on our way to the hospital. Turned out that she only drank milk given that she didn’t have any teeth. That broke my heart as I really wanted to warm my way into her affection, especially after upsetting her. Those who know me know that I have a sweet tooth and I hardly ever share my sweet treats.

The day she finally came home was the happiest day of my life. I simply cannot recall my life without her. Whenever I get home from school she’s the first person I look for. She’s always sleeping though but I am told she needs that to grow faster and I can finally involve her in some of my rough games. I keep asking my folks when she’ll grow bigger as I can’t wait! Every night, I help mummy wash her by pouring her liquid soap on the face flannel. She is the most peaceful child I have come across. She smiles a lot both in her sleep and when awake, exposing a cute little dimple on her left cheek. Just before I go to sleep, I sing her a lullaby. And when I finally go to sleep, I say a prayer for her. She was born 11 days to my birthday and I must say that is the best birthday gift I have received from my parents in my three years of existence.

Funny thing though, I have become very needy and emotional of late. I want my parents to cuddle me to sleep and to carry me everywhere we go. I also have been crying a lot of late, when things don’t go my way. I guess it has something to do with missing the feeling of being an infant, though I am not entirely sure.

Were you ever an only child and got a sibling at some point? How did you embrace the change and how is your relationship with them? Let’s meet at the comments section below and share our experiences!

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  • Jay

    Xena and Xia so beautiful. I remember when my lil brother came to the world. I was a’lil older than you but I had the same feelings you are experiencing right nw

    jeddy joyce

    …aaawwwww too adorable..i never miss any of your posts lil one…welcome baby Xia….
    who is your blog host? am looking for a free picture blog host and am so poor..


      Hey Jedi, first of all thanks for being an ardent reader, and for taking your time to comment. I really appreciate. My blog host is not free, only because free has its limitations so i had to pay up to get what i have. I think wordpress is free. Just google it up and and try it out. All the best.

    Sarah Momanyi

    Awww.such which one will be DJ Tomato like mummy? the tuntrums will subside don’t worry.had same sentiments when my sister joined us.good job Joy.
    mamake Meg&Mel.


    Too pretty and you two look so good together. I remember when my mum brought my sister home so many years ago, I was excited and sad at the same time. You will adjust dear. No worries.


      Hi Millie, thanks for sharing your experience and encouraging me. By the way, just checked out your website and its quite interesting and informative! Where have i been? I am definitely getting that Infinix Hot 2 phone from Jumia, for my grandma. I need her on WhatsApp ASAP so that i can share my sister’s photos (her namesake) with her.


      Mama Ivanna, the pressure to be a role model is real 🙁 I guess that’s what’s making me cranky, despite enjoying every second of my baby sister’s presence. Thanks for the faith though, I hope I make my folks proud 🙂

    hannah(ma'am Amara)

    She looks so adorable…. Welcome to the world baby Xia… Xena don’t worry mummy will still be there for you… N I’m sure it feels great to be a big sister already…


      It feels great being a big sister, but on the other hand, there’s the pressure to be outstanding, to be a leader and to protect her. I’ll get the hang of it, with time. Thanks for reading Hannah 🙂


    Awwww…Xia is the true stunner!!!!posing already???Pass my love to her and mommy and worry not,mummies and daddies always have a whole load of love to will love having a partner in crime..?Blessings!

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