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October 15, 2015

The first time my folks and I decided to check out The Abor after the many positive reviews luck was not on our side. We got there at 6.15pm on a Sunday and it turned out that they close at 5.00pm (who does that on a Sunday?) Sundays were made for eating out, period. Allow me to digress. If I could, this is how I would spend every Sunday. Breakfast at Art Caffe at 10.30am, right after church. I mean, don’t you love how when you order for a simple Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine or English breakfast, it comes on this huge platter, with the main order sited pretty in the middle, surrounded by small portions of salsa, guacamole and the various spreads which include butter and fruit jam. Did I mention the bread serving is enough to feed an entire family of four? Talk about value for money!

Having eaten all that, I would then be looking to spend the next few hours at a kids play area, and one where I would get to have my lunch once hunger strikes. There’s this kids park on Thigiri Ridge whose name I can’t remember. It has all the kids play equipment you can think of, something quite similar to Lunar Park at Uhuru Park. However, the food is not anything to write home about. This place is perfect if your focus is more on the play than the food. Which would be the case if you had a heavy dose of breakfast at Art Caffe!

Finally for dinner, assuming I played enough during the day, I would be looking for a small cozy place, where I would spend some much needed intimate time with my family before everyone gets engrossed with their routine come the following day. Anyway, back to my initial story. Having had no luck at The Abor, we drove further ahead and ended up at Lavington Curve. The phrase “everything happens for a reason”, really, is not just a phrase as that evening, Mambo Italia was the reason! An indoor restaurant, with a balcony area that has play equipment. Forget the intimate time, you know where I rushed to while my folks were busy scanning the menu 🙂 . I got to play until late, around 7.30pm when the food was finally served.

Thanks for reading and please, do share kids’ friendly restaurants where you have had an amazing or even terrible experience, in the comments section below.

Love, Lilmissbelle.

Sweatshirt-Gap Kids


Boots-Next courtesy of House of Tych

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8 years ago

You make me wish I was a kid again… play time was my favourite. and about those restaurants that close early or don’t open on Sundays, I totally feel you… Like SERIOUSLY what are they trying??? #foodieforlife

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