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Fiercely Fashionable in my father’s socks

November 24, 2015

We all love to rock our tiny hot pants, denim or otherwise, or those short skater dresses and skirts that have your mummy reminding you every so often to sit like a girl. Which has always left me wondering if there’s a particular sitting style for girls, and if so, does it mean boys can do a head stand in the name of siting and get away with it?

Photography By Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

Believe it or not, my collection of the above (mainly hot pants and skirts) is more than all my leggings, jeggings and jeans combined. This, therefore, brought about the need to become innovative with regards to rocking my favorites without having to pay my doctor a visit the following day.

When mummy came up with this look, we thought it would be pretty easy to put together given that we had everything except the black shoes and socks, which we OBVIOUSLY knew we would find at Bata outlets. The shoes were there alright, but the socks, not at all. Worse still, none of the other clothes shop at the mall, as well as Nakumatt, had knee length socks of any color for toddlers, forget about black. I kid you not! It was the most frustrating thing ever. How can a thing so simple and so basic be so hard to find? This duo is not known to give up easily. We therefore drove home in silence thinking hard and when we got into the house, we found daddy lying on the couch having just come home from work. I walked to him and pulled one of his socks off his feet and while holding it out to mummy I asked her “How about this one?”

There you have it ladies and gentleman. The tale of daddy’s socks on his three year old daughter! When you see one of the socks falling off in the photos, now you know why!

P.S. Thank you to all those who have reached out to be part of our Lunar Park fun event for the kids from Priscillah and Anjelica Chalk Foundation. God bless you mighty and looking forward to meeting with you all!

Love, Lilmissbelle.

Outfit Details

Alice Band-Woolworths Kenya

Poncho-Next UK courtesy of House of Tych

Denim Shorts-Baby Gap UK

Black Socks-My dad’s

School Shoes-Bata Kenya

IMG_2691 IMG_2695 IMG_2701 IMG_2705 IMG_2707 Lilmissbelle-Fiercely Fashionable 1

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8 years ago

Looking extra lovely baby girl.

8 years ago

the fight to sit like a girl never ends especially if you are a tomboy or like to play alot. I can’t count how many times I have had that fight with mummy when young and even now when chilling at home.
P.S. you look cute as always

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