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December 9, 2015
Lil'missbelle-Big Sister Chronicles 2

Today she sat on her own! Well, almost.

Mummy was perched on the armchair across the room breastfeeding my baby sister while I was enjoying my daily dose of Dora The Explorer on Nickelodeon Junior. Just as Dora was about to embark on the boot finding mission, I turned my gaze away from the TV to quickly sip some drinking chocolate from my favorite green cup. Yes I now know my colors quite well. Red, orange, pink white, blue and black are all interesting but green appeals to me most. Lellow is very elusive, no wonder I still can’t get the pronunciation right!

I looked over my shoulder and my eyes were met with the most intriguing sight. My baby sister was seated next to mummy, propped with cushions and keenly following Dora’s adventures! “Oh my goodness! Mummy look! Xia she has seated down!” I shouted as I walked over to have a close look. “Xia is sitting.” Mummy said, obviously correcting my grammar.

At almost three months, she can now comfortably assume the sitting position of course with some help. The same cuddly bear who was so tiny and helpless when i first laid my eyes on her, and who was incredibly small at barely two weeks as seen in this post. This hopefully is an indication that she will do seat on her own very soon. And then mummy will not have to carry her in her arms or put her in the stroller when we are out for lunch. Which means she will sit next to me when we go to church, or even sit in the toy cars at the salon and keep me company as I get my hair braided. What more, she has become quite the story teller, cooing endlessly and smiling a lot. I don’t know what makes her so happy. But what I know for sure, she brings color to my world.

Love, Lil’missbelle.

This is me at almost three months. Striking resemblance to my sister, right?
Me at almost three months. Striking resemblance to my sister, right?
My sister at almost 3 months.
My sister at almost 3 months.
Me at 3 months.
Me at 3 months.


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  • Limwechela

    Awwww Lellow…I will now start saying ‘I want it in color Lellow’ thanks to you!! You look like twins I wouldn’t tell the difference without the caption.Love and light to you both!! Xx


    Oh, and the best part was I got to see the stars in action at Lunar Park. Xia was a little bundle of cuteness!! Xena on the other hand was the energizer bunny. I suggest ya’ll fans show up for the next activity. #Unforgettable

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