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January 29, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Denim Love 2

One of the best things about being a child is the numerous times one gets to receive gifts. Right from birth, to the many times the folks’ friends visit the child as an infant, when the grandparents bring the whole clan to “rock the baby”, the baptism, the first birthday..the list is endless. And just because babies are sweet and cuddly, their favorite aunties and uncles will always feel the need to pop in with a gift for them every so often. This reminded me how back in the day I used to stress when visiting newborns or attending kids birthday parties as it was always a struggle figuring out the perfect gift. Worry not guys, as a mother of two surrounded by so many nieces, nephews, godchildren etc, I have gained tonnes of experience in the gifting department and next week I will share with you gifts I find perfect for different stages. Look out for that.

In the meantime, today’s post is about this gorgeous pair of denim slip on shoes that Xena received when she was six months old. I can’t count the number of times we have tried fitting her in them with the hope that her feet had grown big enough to rock them. But every time we were faced with the sad realization that she still had a long way to go. Especially given that she is a terrible feeder and is extremely skinny, I was sure her four month baby sister will even fit in them sooner than Xena would. Until last Sunday. She had on red denim shorts and a black vest and I wished I had white ngomas (my non Kenyan readers, this means canvas slip on shoes) to complete the look. As I was stressing over why Bata does not make ngomas for babies, I remembered our little treasure in the name of the beautiful denim shoes that we had waited to long to show off. And guess what, that day they finally fit like a glove! Well almost.

I hope the look inspires you and by the way, she picked the jacket herself! My little girl is soon going to bring a boyfriend home at this rate!!

Sorry guys we have had no time to do professional shoots since I went back to work but we are working on something. Also, I am working on winning a lottery so that I can buy us a proper camera for our random pics and videos 🙂

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Have a beautiful and inspiring weekend!

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Lilmissbelle-Denim Love 2

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Posing all so diva like and dolled up. She is already a fashionista. Just a few more years and she takes over the blog… And the perfect spot just had to be on mummy’s bed.
Kids kinda have this stage where they feed bad, but as long as there is food, when hungry they actually eat or try eating with them, they may be tempted to eat better.
Remember how your hubby’s food looks better than yours all the time even if you have the same food? same science.


Talking of very skinny children..Can I get an Amen!!My Lowell is quite the feeder, but I wonder where all the food goes to. He is super skinny. Cheers to skinny toddlers who never seem to find anything fitting! Love the shoes, but it is the jacket I am in love with. Beautiful as always!


    I am glad that the fashionista herself got you loving the look! I was actually going to do this shoot with the vest, shorts and shoes but she decided to throw in the blazer. You are lucky your son eats so you can remain assured the skinniness is just a result of high metabolism. Mine simply wont eat, yet she was an amazing feeder in the past.

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