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Mommy Musings Monday- All in a day’s work

January 18, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Mommy Musings Monday-3

It is 4.55pm and I just woke up from a heavy and quite refreshing 1.5 hour sleep. Yes 1.5hrs of sleep in a dead quiet house can be extremely refreshing. The baby has been asleep in her cot since 12.00pm (bless her sweet soul) and my toddler Xena..oh shit! What has she been up to? I quickly get up and spot her sleeping at the far end of the couch. Thank God she is safe. I look around in panic and everything seems to be in order. I give the living room another sweep and still find nothing unusual. Her blocks, which I left her playing with 1.5 hours ago are spread out on the carpet. She must have gotten bored, with no one to show off her skills to, and decided to take a nap as well.

Lets back up a little. This morning at precisely 8.00am I woke up just in time to catch hubby leaving. He had a site visit to make in some town 100km away where he was driving to with his friend. He had told me about it the previous day but i had silently hoped that the plan would fail, that his friend would have more pressing issues to attend to and they would cancel the trip all together. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the clingy type but a Sunday without the hubs, the help or any help for that matter,with an infant and a toddler by my side, is really not something I look forward to. As I write this, I am feeling hot and sweaty. I have been wanting to take a shower or at the very least remove this long sleeve night shirt and change into a lighter sleeveless top but it just hasn’t happened yet. So when I woke up at 8.00am, I breastfed the baby from one breast and expressed milk from the other for her future use. I am still hell bent on getting to the six months mark and I cannot wait to tell Doctor Zip about my victory in two months time. If you are a stranger to my milk issues and Doctor Zip’s manenoz, read all about it here (I seriously could not get an English word to express this. Damn our Kenyan lingo!). At 8.30am, I headed to the kitchen to get my first litre of water for the day. Four litres a day is my daily goal as that’s exactly half my body weight in ounces of water. Weight watchers and those trying to live healthy would understand this. I also made my breakfast then which I was to have half an hour later. Early preparation helps me from grabbing the nearest thing and shoving it down my throat (as we do when extremely hungry). Perhaps I should mention that I am on this healthy living program called Beyond Diet which I came across last week. I will write about my experience another day. Back to my bedroom, staring at a blank WordPress page, I could not seem to decide what to write about. I recently came across this meme that read “People who fall asleep quickly freak me out..I mean, don’t they have any thoughts?” It was shared on one of my whatsapp groups and a friend of mine stated that nowadays she hardly has any thoughts. Seriously? I tend to agree with that meme because my head is always working overtime, processing thoughts. And this morning, it was full of thoughts, some of them as random as my toddler’s comments. She can go into deep silence for one minute (quite long for a chatty person) and say something like “mama thank you for bringing my baby sister from the hostital” or “mama, yesterday why was the road bouncy (bumpy)” or “mama, where is Miss Manga (her teacher from her former playschool)”. You get the point. So I guess I would like to trade heads with my pal for a day just to familiarize myself with a thoughtless head hehe. Anyway. As I was busy trying to pick a topic to write about from the numerous thoughts in my head, I heard Xena screaming out her Nanny’s name from her room. And just like that, I knew my day was over. I opened her bedroom door and reminded her that today was a Sunday and Mercy wasn’t around. I then proceeded to give her a hug and congratulate her for gracing the cover of the kid’s section of the Standard Newspaper for her fashion sense (as seen here). She did not understand what I meant, until I showed her the paper.

Between having my breakfast which only took two minutes, preparing Xena’s breakfast and constantly screaming “can you finish your breakfast!”, “can you stop touching your slippers when having your breakfast!”, breastfeeding the baby again after she woke up at 10.00am and talking on the phone to my friend who has a two week old baby and a four year old who have completely overwhelmed her, half the day was gone. I placed the baby in her cot at exactly 12.30pm. Back at the living room, Xena was finally done with her breakfast. I realized i had forgotten to have my midmorning snack which i quickly grabbed. An ounce of almonds and half a banana. She wanted what i was having, so i served her the same in her bowl. How interesting when it is my meal she has no issue having it. I grabbed my copy of the newspaper and as I tried to read, all she wanted was for us to go through her pictures on the paper again. I can’t blame her given that when I saw the newspaper in the morning, I was more excited than she was. Finally she let me get on with the reading as she took to her blocks but in a few minutes, a wave of sleep got the best of me. The kind of sleep that gets you feeling like you are floating on the clouds. I tried convincing her to join me in my nap but she could hear none of it. So I made sure the door to the kitchen was locked, the main door and the balcony door as well and I blacked out on the couch, leaving her talking to her Lego blocks. Now you get why I woke up with a start. I then decided to quickly write this down before having my late lunch, or waking up Xena to have hers.

The sound of the door bell startles me. Hubs must be back, or the nanny. I look at the bottom right corner of my laptop for the time. It’s 5.25pm. Last night before I slept, I prayed to God to help me achieve five things today.

1. Go to church

2. Take Xena for golf practice

3. Go shopping for the following week’s meals (as per my meal plan)

4. Write a feature for Mommy Musings Mondays

5. Plan out my week (work, blogging, family time and my time)

Your guess is as good as mine on how much I managed to achieve! How was your Sunday?



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  • Yvonne

    I once found my daughter, ‘Amani, Barbie is not hungry.’; and realized how my life has changed. Who would have thought I would have conversations about Barbies and slippers at breakfast.


    This post is a true representation of myself even with just one crazy toddler terrorizing me. I relate to your head having thoughts swirling around all the time!!It takes me years to get to sleep, because I have to spend so much time silencing my brain.


    Woi! The more I read this blog, the deeper my respect for every mother becomes. Hats off to every mom out there balancing her family and mental sanity. You are the unsung heroes of our times. Ngai!

    Mama Ivanna

    Oh Lord, this gives me some insight into how my life is about to turn out. Kudos to you for making it through the day. I have a toddler and expecting a baby sometime in March. I think I better ban the hubs from scheduling any sort of activities on Sundays!! If he is going to plan on going somewhere, he better plan to go with the toddler or drop her at one of her cousin’s house. I feel like I will go nuts if I try to have both babies on my own. Kudos to you.


      Awwwwwhhhh!!! Congratulations Mama Ivanna, so happy for you. Happy that I am of help, with insights from my experiences. Never again am I agreeing to be alone with the kids on a Sunday! How did my entire day just disappear in the blink of an eye?

    Rachel Ombaka

    I love this part:

    Between having my breakfast which only took two minutes, preparing Xena’s breakfast and constantly screaming “can you finish your breakfast!”, “can you stop touching your slippers when having your breakfast!”

    That’s me every Sunday and as I much as I would prefer to just sit indoors and enjoy a movie or a book I bought last year that I have never finished, I try to take her out to a playground or to visit her cousin so that I don’t scream my head off 🙂


      Feels good to see other mothers going through the same. Whenever I lose it and scream at her, I always wonder if I am the only one who is sometimes driven nuts by their child. That was actually one of the reasons I introduced this column, to share my experiences and see if other people’s are similar to mine. And learn as well. Taking them outdoors definitely helps but no way I was leaving the house with the two of them by myself.

      Mama Ivanna

      Whats up with kids and their hate for food? I am almost giving up on that battle and let her live on milk and yogurt. 2 hrs of feeding is way too much ….


        Mama Ivanna, that is where we thank God for the nannies who are patient enough to feed them for two hours! I sometimes also let her survive on whatever she feels like having and feel nothing about it. After all, its not a daily affair 🙂


    Congratulations on Xena’s newspaper cover. was excited when I saw it. Hoping for more through the year.

    My Sunday just passed me by. Slept for a good 3 hours on the couch. What is it with a nap on the couch that is so relieving?
    Then all hell broke loose when the rain begun and my office clothes were outside, still wet. and as I was stressing about that the water levels raised to my kitchen floor level. #panic Thinking I’ll be a victim of heavy rains like we see on telly. Buckets, squats and lifts into action (workout for the day since I skipped gym) till I was comfy it won’t flood.
    Lemmie just say I can’t wait for the weekend to relax.


      Oh dear! I hope your stuff is intact and you managed to sort out the water mess. Plus you found something to wear to work today even with the clothes getting rained on. Thanks for sharing, I feel consoled!


        Lemmie just say I did all that, but I feel like I look like a granny. I don’t like how my clothes fit since these are those from the back of my closet. I just want this day over and done with.

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