January 8, 2016

My dad tells me that finally we open school on Monday. In three days time. I don’t know how long three days are but I sure know that three is not too far from one so it must be close. Every time we drive past school I feel nostalgic. Seeing the playground which is right next to the road reminds me of monkeynastix, my favorite activity in school. Any of you in this club? Drop me a message in the comment section and perhaps I can convince mommy to organize a monkeynastix fun-day. If you’ve been following my adventures long enough you definitely know that I love the outdoors quite much as I believe (and so does everyone around me) that my energy cannot be contained in an enclosed space for too long. Plus getting to race my classmates and outshine most of them, especially the boys, gets me on a high as I am fiercely competitive! Speaking of classmates, I bumped into Daniel at doctor Zip’s clinic the other day when we had taken my baby sister for check up. I was coloring some papers, the ones you get at Java and the minute he walked in, I threw all my crayons on the floor and ran after him (as mummy was screaming something about being organised). We then grabbed the toy cars and I was in pure heaven until my sister was done with her appointment.

I hope you are all looking forward to resuming school as much as I am. I cannot wait to see what surprises this term has in store for me and I will definitely be sharing that with you guys every Friday. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the blog by submitting your email address on the right side of this page to ensure you do not miss a post!

Love, Lil’missbelle.

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 8

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 2

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 3

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 7

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 1

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 5 Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 6

Lil'missbelle-Monkeynastix 4

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7 years ago

Have a lovely time at school Xena.

7 years ago

Hehee, “three is not too far from one so must be close” I love your reasoning! A few years in school and you will be a mini philosopher.

Anywho, love the scenery. Where is that?

7 years ago

Do have a lovely time in school and enjoy it a much as you can. Hope there will be sports day we come cheer you on.
I will be looking forward for the weekly posts. Be blessed

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