Guess who’s back!

February 13, 2016

Hello everybody, how have you been? Guess who’s back? Xena here, a.k.a lilmissbelle. Mommy has really hogged on my blog while I was busy in School but we are now on midterm which means I have all the time to fill you up with all the juicy (and not so juicy as well ?) details of my escapades.

This morning, we took a drive to Naivasha, a town I have been visiting every so often with daddy on Saturdays. Today was different though because mommy had packed my pajamas. So I figured we would be sleeping there. Our drive led us to this beautiful tall reddish gate with brick kind of walls on both sides, which resembled one of my friend’s house. I got really excited but upon asking mommy, she said that this was a hotel, and not my friend’s home. Nevertheless, I was happy to be here, away from home, with my favourite people. My baby sister was just laughing and smilling all this time, as if she new what was awaiting her. We went straight to the dining area for lunch after the lady at the first point we got to which daddy said is called a reception said something about our room not being ready.

Mommy spotted this lonely beautiful wall in the middle of bushes and we stopped for a few photos before heading out for lunch. I hope you enjoy the photos, especially because daddy was not amused as all he wanted was food and not taking photos amidst a rumbling tummy!

Hugs and kisses,


Guess who's back-Lilmissbelle 1Guess who's back-Lilmissbelle 2Guess who's back-Lilmissbelle


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