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C For Comfort

February 23, 2016

Today I am having one of those mornings where I don’t feel like saying much, if anything. You know the ones where I pretend to be dead asleep when Mercy my nanny bursts my door open at 6.30am announcing its time to get up for school? Where she drags me out of bed and with eyes half closed, I limp to the bathroom and sit there for quite some time, until her voice jolts me into sobriety! Where it doesn’t matter what is served for breakfast because I would much rather starve the whole day hugging my bear under my Mickey Mouse duvet. This happens at least once or twice every week. Otherwise, I am naturally a morning person and quite chatty at dawn. Scratch that, loud is the proper term as my mom rightfully puts it.

So to try and lift my spirits this gloomy morning (gloomy in my head as it is full of sleep), mommy played me a slideshow of the photos we took at Enashipai in Naivasha over valentine’s weekend (see related post here) and boy did that work like a charm! I desperately want to go back there especially for the deserts if not for anything else! These photos were taken on our last day after having a swim. I naturally needed a simple and comfortable outfit to relax in, and what better option than one of my every day vests paired with a mini floral cotton skirt. I tell you this combination speaks comfort in all possible lingos! When we spoted this breathtaking manmade waterfall on our way to the restaurant for lunch, we obviously had to snap away!

I hope you love the photos as much as we loved taking them. As always, thank you for stopping by and do not forget to subscribe to my blog if you love the posts!

Xoxo, Lilmissbelle.

Lilmissbelle-C fpr comfort 5 Lilmissbelle-C fpr comfort 4 Lilmissbelle-C fpr comfort 3 Lilmissbelle-C fpr comfort 2 Lilmissbelle-C for comfort 1

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8 years ago


8 years ago

Most kids are morning people. Enjoy it, coz when you are older you might just want to sleep all day like I do. ????
Can’t wait for my vacay this year. Enashapai looks so sweet… #goals

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