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Mommy Musings Monday-In search of a 48 hour day!

February 1, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Mommy Musings Monday

Can someone please give me a hard reality check slap the next time I decide to hang out with my 24/26 year old colleagues! It’s official, I belong to the museum. I am still recovering from Friday night shenanigans and those 6 hours or so at the new Brew Bistro have cost me my entire weekend! All of Saturday spent on the couch. Except for the one hour I managed to dash out and get the baby’s ears pierced in a bid to meet some of my January resolutions on the last day of the month! As for Sunday, it would have been the same story were it not for the fact that my friend’s daughter was being baptized. The kind of friends who show up for all your events and remember to check up on your folks. You don’t fail those ones.

Photo By Imani Manyara

So on Friday, we decided to have dinner and drinks in honor of one of my colleagues who has decided the grass is greener on the other side. He will be taking on an entirely different direction in his career. At 26, he has decided to switch to a totally new field, by undertaking the requisite studies that will propel him to his new found passion. And what’s more, he is doing all this 7,350 miles from here. Yes I googled how far New York is from Kenya hehe. This reminded me how I had planned to do my masters in an Ivy League school when I was 26 but I met thehubs and all I ever wanted then was to have his last name and his babies. In as much I would love to have that extra qualification on my CV, I wouldn’t trade how things turned out for a thing!

All the same, my point is that if you ever plan on furthering your education, growing your career and settling down, use the better part of your youth to first further your education. Have a plan and don’t let the money you make at the outset of your career disorient you. We all leave campus broke as hell and then some land their dream jobs, while others get jobs that help them get by, but at the end of the day, we are all able to afford a little (or a lot) more than we did when we were in Uni. Even the ballsy ones who end up starting their own ventures have dreams to further their education as well. And the more money one makes, the easier it is to abandon their plan to advance their schooling. Worse still when you find yourself settling down and having kids. That’s the point you bid any intense study farewell until the point when your babies are less dependent on you. I have been carrying Angela’s Ashes in my handbag all of January and have only just managed to open the second chapter! By the time I get home at 6.00 pm, cook, spend half an hour with the toddler playing or reading her a book, wash the infant, go through my side hustles and catch up with the hubs, I find myself hitting the shower at 11.30pm by which time I am dead beat. Now try squeezing in CFA Level II Equity Valuation or a master’s thesis and tell me where exactly those would fit! Can someone get me in touch with Julie Gichuru? I think she is super human and I would honestly love to know how she does it all!

Be that as it may, I attended Bikozulu’s Writing Masterclass in December and the one lesson that stuck with me was that you can make time for absolutely anything as long as you push yourself a little harder. That if you can make time to shower, you can make time to read! And write! It is that simple. So I am off to realign my schedule to make time for more nourishing things. For starters, I have to finish Angela’s Ashes and The Parenting Book

Have a productive February!

Joy D’Souza.





    You went to Naivasha the following day on a random road trip! Vidur went to the gym, did some research and ran several errands. Ian was probably up winding up on Centum. I was a walking Zombie! Need I say more? Fun times though ?


Love your musings, so relatable, also wanted to do my Masters abroad at an Ivy League and then met the hubs and was like let’s see where this goes first. Don’t regret it one bit. You make certain concessions when you have small kids, less travel, less late nights working, less working on weekends and yes you could be further in your career but these little ones are only so little for a short while and at the end of the day it’s the most important job.


Your posts make my Mondays.
I feel you girl! Life itself is hectic as it is then now you gotta find time for something else. well it’s simple something has to give for a while.
I remember when my mother had to go to school. I was in class five my bro was in pre-school and her job was hella demanding. We as a family had to join and support her, so ask for help dear and you shall receive it. Just remember never to never feel guilty if you miss afew things. It is bound to happen.

Another quick option is to get a shift job, to allow you to do more.

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