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February 3, 2016
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I love gifts, and not in the cliche type of way. I know you are probably thinking who doesn’t! But mine is really an obsession. In fact, today I passed on an offer to wine and dine on the company’s account, in honor of my departure as I leave to pursue other interests. So I suggested they buy me a gift, we cut cake (hopefully coldstone’s ice cream cake) and everyone will be happy! I cant wait to see what they will buy me.

Photography By Imani Manyara

But back to my gifts obsession, be it apparel, shoes, books, shopping vouchers or a spa treatment, they all get me equally exhilarated. And to top the list, gifts for my babies! Is it just me or are there any moms out there who are with me on this one? Do you all get so ecstatic when your babies receive gifts? I do! Especially clothes. Toys excite me too, but not as much as clothes and shoes. Perhaps because I love dressing them up so much more than I love dressing myself up!

Anyway, this post is about a dress that Xena received from an awesome friend. For the longest time i had been in search of monochrome outfits for her and one random Sunday afternoon, my friend showed up at my place with this cute little monochrome dress. What’s more , it resembled an old dress that another friend had given me a while back. I was pregnant then, and i could not wait to give birth and have the both of us rock our dresses together! I know this might sound vain, but it is such little things that make our world go round. They add a pop of color in it, even when they come in black and white.

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Joy D’Souza.

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I always feel like a child once again, every time I get a gift.

All the best in your new ventures. Hope they are all you wish and more.
Btw you have some beautiful legs #nohomo and the shoes are to die for…

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