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March 14, 2016

If you were born and brought up in Kenya and did not at some point in your life live in bata shoes, please raise up your hand. I doubt there is a single hand up given the fact that Bata was (still is) a household name. We wore ngomas for as long as I can remember and there was only one brand of slippers and that was patapata from Bata. Once the right hand was long enough to reach the left ear from across the head (I lie, I am not from that era hehe), it was time to join primary school and it was an indictment of your parents if you did not report to school in toughees.

Photography By Charles Ngomo of Royalreel Photography

While it is rather obvious that owing to our recent partnership with Bata I may be a bit biased, Bata has undoubtedly reinvented itself and managed to stay on top of its game. What I love most about Bata is the diversity of its offering with regards to design and price. On Mommy Musings Monday, I talk about my experiences as a mother to a toddler and an infant, a wife and a career woman who blogs to keep sane. I also shop as a way of managing stress and anger because stress balls dont work for me! Do they ever work for anyone anyway? So today, I thought of letting you all in on some great steals from Bata. If you love deals like I do, you must have noticed that Bata outlets are currently having an Easter promotion where one can get up to 50% off on shoes. But that’s not even the icing on the cake.

#Batafever is a promotion by Bata and Lilmissbelle where by showing us how you get to be in your element in Bata shoes, you stand a chance to win prodigious shopping vouchers from Bata. The rules are pretty simple as highlighted below:

1.Follow Lilmissbelle and Bata Kenya on either of the following social media platforms (direct links provided below):

Facebook: Lilmissbelle and Bata Shoe Company Kenya Ltd

Instagram: @lil_missbelle and @batakenya

Twitter: @lil_missbelle and @batakenya

2. Share a photo of yourself having fun in Bata shoes with the hashtag #BataFever on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

3. Cross your fingers and wait for your photo to be selected. We shall inform you the number of vouchers to be won and their value this coming Wednesday so stay tuned. In the meantime, start snapping and sharing with #BataFever.

Yours Truly,

Joy D’Souza.

P.S This is how my mini me and I have fun in our Bata ngomas. The fact that I spent less than 500bob on both our pairs serves to show that you don’t have to break the bank to look amazing!










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  • Rachael

    You ladies look sooooo cool! Ngomas never looked so cool! Bata prefects, remember those? From class 1 to 8. Those were my shoes! 🙂

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  • zurk

    Your daughter a sight to behold!!!!! Your photographer…. Nice shots!!!!! The ngoma they perfectly fit… Beautiful….!!!!!!


    OMG!! You both look smokin’ hot in those ngomas, quite a classic funky look…..thanks for sharing that cool look tip….Bata checklist….ngoma added!?


    Terry I agree the d’souzas are making those ngomas look deadly. Kristian needs some sport shoes so just in time to win some vouchers, I hope they are many??

    Wanjiru Waithaka

    I love the photos, I’m a tomy girl but I might just consider getting myself some ngomas
    Congrats on landing the partnership!!!

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