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Fiercely Fashionable In BubbleGummers

March 9, 2016
2016-03-08 15.35.29

Yesterday mommy pleasantly surprised me after school. If you have been following my adventures for a while now, you know how much I love being on the move. At one O’clock, she picked me up from school, quickly got me a change of clothes, handed me packed lunch and we hit the road. She tells me that driving on the superhighways is therapeutic for her. So we took the southern bypass that led us to a small town called Limuru. Obviously I was quite tired from school so I blacked out the whole journey, with food in my mouth.

In partnership with Bata Kenya

Photography by Gerry Photography

I woke up to find myself in this beautiful complex and as soon as we stepped out of the car, I was in toddler shoe heaven! Toughees like what Neema wears to school, ngomas like mommy’s, chic and casual tomy shoes similar to aunty Terry’s, some interestingly looking boots called safari boots that mommy said would be great to wear at the park and the best part, bubblegummers in all my favourite colours!

I had to share with you guys my new finds especially since mommy said they came at a bargain. We paired this pink sporty pair of bubble gummers with a pink bubblegummers backpack that has more compartments than you will need in your entire life. If your mommy is always complaining about not having money and things being too expensive, then worry not. You don’t have to break the bank to get this look. What’s more, if you are within the environs of Limuru town, you can grab them at their factory outlet for a 15% discount. Girls, get your folks to upgrade your school bag during the holidays and be fearlessly fashionable when school resumes. Lord knows I needed another bag after dragging mine around for almost two years! And these shoes, they will most likely be stuck on my feet for the next couple of weeks!

Love, Lil’missbelle.

Get the look:

Pink bubble gummers backpack-Bata Kenya (all outlets for only Ksh 1,099)

Pink sporty toddler bubblegummers- Bata Kenya (you can also get them on Jumia at Ksh 1,799)

T-Shirt-Jet SA

Hotpants-gifted and old.

Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers

Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers 1

Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers 4Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers 5Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers 6Lilmissbelle-Bata Bubble Gummers 3


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  • Mercy

    Hi Cutie,you look gorgeous in those bata shoes and always pretty.Been a silent follower ? and to be sincere,I love and admire your sense of fashion.Mummy doing a good job.Say hi to your lil sister Xia and please ask mummy to ship me boys bata shoes for my 6 month old son ?.


      Hey Mercy, I love my silent followers too, especially when they come out of the closet ?. Thank you loads for being here. The boys designs are equally awesome. Where are you based?


        Hahahaha out of the closet I am indeed???.Am in Colorado springs,Colorado and can’t wait to get my boy bata shoes someday I loved them from way back when I was little and am glad my mom brought me a pair last Christmas when she visited us.Bata shoes rock ??


    Waoooh nice shoes little one and very proud of you. More doors for partnerships will open and I remember telling mummy last year to be hopefully. Keep the fashion moving baby!???‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?


    I have worn bata shoes for as long as I can remember. Right from nursery school till now. They never disappoint. Thanks for the heads up on the discount at their factory, will definitely drop by to grab some shoes for my son and my nephews. Hope boys shoes are equally as trendy.


    Wow! Bata is doing a good job…Shoes on flick Lilmissbelle! I rem my bubble gummers were just plain plastic, urs look so fancy. R they available in Mombasa, am sure my niece would love to have a pair.


    Xena looks amazing. Those Bata shoes are really cute. Luckily with how long Bata shoes last, we might get them as hand me downs for Jules. I love the look. Now if only I could get them in a size 41…


    You look so cool.
    This post has brought back some good old memories, growing up BubbleGummers were my favourite shoes and now I cannot have enough of their Tomy Takkies the comfort is to die for.
    Thank you for the heads up, I will most definitely be visiting their factory with my Awesome girls.
    Bata Kenya thank you for keeping up with the times being so trendy and having something for everyone.


    Who would have thought bubblegummers would be a generational shoe?? From out mothers to our daughters now..You never go wrong with them..Comfortable yet so trendy!!Zuri already owns a pair!!


    Back in the day our bubble gummers were no where near the fancy scale yours ride on!!!!!!Too cool sweetheart,too cool.I bet Xia will wrestle them from you pretty soon.Love and blessings.And thank God for mummies right?


      I was spoilt for choice I tell you and mommy was going crazy! Thank God for Bata reinventing itself so we can all look fashionable without having to spend so much.Can’t remember the last time I was allowed to walk out of a store with more than one pair of shoe! Lala salama Mokeirah!

    Betty Ndungu

    Bata is in my home town i would proudly say we never wore any other shoes other than bata shoes,i remember at some point when we were growing up we used to get free shoes from bata.i miss those days.Xena looks cute in those shoes i love.


      Free shoes? Perhaps I need to convince mommy we move to the houses near the factory store in Limuru, maybe then we can get free shoes too! Thanks Betty, I sure do feel awesome in them 🙂

    Wanjiru Waithaka

    I had no idea one could get discounts at the factory, thanks for the heads up. I will definitely be making a trip there to buy my niece and son some pairs, they outgrow them so fast, I can’t keep up.
    Glad to know I can also get my tomys!!! ;.)


      Wanjiru the variety of shoes in that store will get you thanking me for the heads up once again, especilly when you find yourself unable to stick to your budget and buying more than you actually need 🙂


    Remember our school days when Bata was the only shop for back to school shoes? I have been to the Limuru wholesale shop and the discounts are great…..I recently bought some very comfortable flat shoes for my mum and I and I can agree they still have quality shoes for the mwananchi


      Xena looking gorgeous as always can’t wait for Myra to grow and copy all the dress code posted here, you can bet there will be a committed follower


      Mommy got herself some Maringo canvas shoes at only 499 and ngomas for 300! And yes, in her days, Bata was the only go to place for quality school shoes and rubber shoes as they were called. Isn’t it amazing when a footear company prices their footwear so cheaply (for some designs) without compromising on the quality?

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