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Flash Back Friday

April 1, 2016
IMG_8183 (6)

I’ve held on to these photos for quite sometime now, always looking for the perfect day to share them but something always comes up. Initially, I wanted to start a Twinning Tuesdays column and have this as our first post but later on realised I might not be consistent. What with busy schedules, travels and most importantly our brand partners wanting their posts to run on particular days, it has just dawned on me that there will never be a perfect day that resonates with this shoot. So I will just go ahead and share these photos with you guys today. After all, it is Flash Back Friday and we are flashing back to the Valentine’s weekend that we spent at Enashipai Resort in Naivasha.

Ideally, Valentine’s day is meant to be a celebration of romantic love where lovers express their love for each other by presenting gifts or doing special deeds to each other. However, when a) it falls on a weekend, b) you plan on having a weekend getaway and c) you have a three-year toddler and a five month infant, you might as well just have a family affair for obvious reasons! I therefore deliberately ensured that Xena’s outfit was fit for the occasion and also complimented mine so that she would feel part of it and I can tell you that we did cause several heads to turn on Sunday morning when we walked into the restaurant for breakfast.

I hope you love the photos and if you feel like a Twinning Tuesday column for mother/daughter fashion is something you would like to see, leave a comment below and I may just put in some extra hours to make it happen! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you do not want to miss a post! Just insert your email in the appropriate box on the top right hand side of this website.

Love, Joy D’Souza


Outfit Details:


Dress- Earth Child

Shoes- Woolworths, The Junction

Hand Bag- Earth Child



Shoes-Instyle, Adlife Plaza

Handbag-Gift (bought purchased from Sandstorm Kenya)

Lilmissbelle-FBF 2

Lilmissbelle-FBF 3

Lilmissbelle-FBF 5

Lilmissbelle-FBF 6


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  • sheyce

    ..yes you should introduce Tuesday twinning posts….u have managed to do two already (the black and white matching dresses post) and this so I believe u can do it…and hey,u are a super mama,been following your posts from the first one of Medina palms and have seen u and Xena grow into this amazing brand …am happy for u and she is a little start going places….…the white ,you are beautiful and I just want Xena’s fringe sling for myself..hihihi….


      Wow thank you Sheyce for following our journey from day one. I am really humbled by your comments and I hope we can achieve much much more. There will definitely be a Twinning Tuesday column, just not every Tuesday. Thanks for the encouragement!


    Awesome!!! You two look lovely. I think you can still pull the twinning column, say one Tuesday every month? Would love to see other looks.

    In other related news( ahem) Did you say you’ve just cleaned up your closet? I can be there this evening!

    Mary Ngome

    Looking so good Joy and Xena!!!i love all your posts!!!
    One of these days please do a post on places in Nairobi perfect for a date with kids


    Mama Xena, I love the wardrobe 🙂 kwanza the shoes, and Xena’s sling bag…I can help you arrange it(your wardrobe).. and also relieve it. he he he

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