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Mommy Musings-What I really want this Mother’s Day 2016

May 6, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Mother's Day 2016

Last night I grabbed my laptop to put together my thoughts about mother’s day. I found myself deleting every intro I came up with, at least three times. Perhaps I am too knackered, I thought to myself. Let’s give it a shot in the morning.

It’s 6.30am and I have had to erase the first two intros. Anything I typed down felt too glib. The amount of sacrifice mothers make, the courage they possess and their stoicism would be a travesty to sum up in a shoddy intro.

So let’s just agree that mothers make the world go round and their prayers keep us out of harm’s way. They worry about us whilst, at the same time, demonstrating a level of calmness that even the summer sea would not comprehend. They put our needs first and theirs last. They love from the depths of their hearts and discipline with the rage of a tornado. 

This Mother’s day, do something thoughtful for your mom. This is a subtle hint to my people and it may also apply to some of you as well. Here goes:

1. Make life easier for her

Sleep in a little longer. Don’t be in a rush to catch the sunrise, we will do that together when we go on holiday. Mommy needs her sleep, she craves it, she would lock herself in her room an entire weekend just to remind herself what solitude means. If for some reason you just can’t sleep past six O’clock, don’t bang on mommy’s door saying “Mama knock knock” or “Wakey wakey” or “Good morning mama” in the sweetest voice. There’s nothing good about my sleep being interrupted at 6.00am on a Sunday morning.

Eat your breakfast, without acting like you are being forced to take down a hot stone! For once, make it a 15 minute affair and not three hours. If they haven’t mentioned this in school yet, food is a basic need. You need it to live. That’s why we pray for those who don’t have food. Don’t tempt me to deny you food a whole day just to teach you basic survival lessons.

Don’t stress me about your miniature toys. You know the collection you have amassed from Kinder Joy? That one. The storage boxes in your bedroom are not decorative pieces, use them to keep your toys and you will most certainly find them there the next time you need them.

Remember the four courteous words. Please, Sorry, Excuse Me and Thank You. Make me feel like I am doing a great job raising up a respectful child. 

2. Let her breathe

You will realize that it takes very little effort to make mommy happy. Ever heard of breakfast in bed? Get daddy to whip up something and serve your mom in bed. He’ll be the sous chef, you the waitress. And when your sister gets up, change her, feed her and get both yourselves dressed up, of course with daddy’s help.

Find something to do, away from the house, and leave mommy to catch up on Game of Thrones. And don’t be in a hurry to come back. Just this one day. Evening will make a perfect returning time. I promise you she won’t feel bad that you left without her.

3. Shower her with gifts

A scarf, a dreamy perfume, a pair of nude six-inch stilettos or two, a cooking book, a chain with your initials on it and if you can, get yourself one too with my initials and daddy’s too on it. A funky sweater for the cold weather or better yet, a sweat suit. A phone. Oh yes a phone. One that can help track your fast evolving life, and come in handy for our blog shoots.  The Samsung Galaxy Edge perhaps? 

4. Tell her you love her

I know you do, at least every night before you go to sleep. But while you are out there with daddy, call me and tell me how much you love me. I know I asked for some alone time but a call is fine. Reassure me that I am doing a good job with you and your sister. You may find this hard to believe it because I am a master at disguise, but I doubt my capabilities as a mother. I question my ways, more often than not. So a little validation will help put things into perspective.

To all the mothers out there, you are the rock that holds your family together. The cornerstone. Here’s to hoping that a child somewhere grants your wishes! Happy mother’s day.

P.S Thanks Jay Wambui for the suggestion to run this feature.

Love, Joy D’Souza.

Mother's day 2016- Lilmissbelle



Mothers are priceless. Irregardless of wealth and material possessions, all your worries are the same.
Yes, you are doing a great job bring up your kids.
Yes, you will second guess yourself, but who doesn’t? Even doctors take gambles and risks with their patients to make them better.
Yes, you are a great role model.
Yes, we love you unconditionally, even if it seems we love daddy more.

Happy mothers Day!
Count your blessings daily and name them.

PS its Wambui, #stillcool


    Oooppppssss the way I edited and reedited that post, don’t know how I missed that typo. Sorry hun. And thanks for the encouragement! I told you you will make a great mum, look at all this wise words coming from you. Now I shall start putting pressure on you know who hehe

Nelly Wangechi

I love your posts Joy. keep up the good job and say hi to those beautiful babies of yours ?. Blessed is you.


Such a good read Mama Xena.You are my great inspiration in this motherhood life and always looking forward to reading more and more miles and miles away from you??.Happy Mother’s Day.Baraka tele.


This is very beautiful. I agree with you 100%. Life becomes too fast paced once you become a mom and it definitely helps to have one day to yourself to slow down and recharge. This ‘one day’ is like the proverbial blue moon and I am quite tempted to copy and paste the 4 pointers for my boys (including the hubs) to read.

I love this blog and Joy, you are doing a great job with your family and with your readers too.


    Funny how we take alone time for granted until we have “mini us” who are 100% dependent on us! Thanks Eva for always reading and inspiring me to do more. I hope your studies are going well. Happy mothers day to you too!!


Wawawa!! This article will make me rush to my mother’s house and spoil her! Happy mother’s day! And you are an amazing mom! Always remember that.


    You better head there quick-fast because you know how many of us want to be adopted by your mom Linet! And thanks for having confidence in my mothering ability. Means a lot 🙂


..well written …. I will do anything for my mum….mothers are blessings to us….
…happy mothers day Joy…I admire how u hold it for your daughters …they are blessed to have u and so is your hubby…
.keep up with the beautiful job u are doing in motherhood….I know u inspire most of us….
…stay blessed mama


    I am glad to be an inspiration Sheyce. Thanks for pushing me to keep writing even when life gets overwhelming! Much as I haven’t met you yet, I believe you are one tenacious person, holding it down for your family. Thanks for always reading our blog and happy mother’s day to you too.


Hehehe, if only Xena can read this! Let’s archive this until she’s ten or so, yea?. In the mean time, the only way I can help is babysitting while you nap 🙂

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