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Pretty in Pink

May 16, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink

So true how one’s creative juices run dry if they stop feeding their minds with the right stuff. That was one of the lessons I carried with me from Bikozulu’s Masterclass. Despite knowing this too well, I have not made time to read a book or even blogs that inspire me, neither have I delivered my 200 words a day in a long while.

The fact that I stared at a blank page for over five minutes and not even one decent intro came to mind made me realize that things are thick! For that reason, Mummy Musings will take a break until I am mentally ready to handle that column.

Miss Xia turns 8 months in a few days. Judging from the fun she had while we were shooting, she may just be taking over Xena’s job very soon! This look was inspired by the sun that decided to show its face today after what felt like eternity. I was happy to dress her up in this funky romper that has been fashionably designed to look like a jumpsuit.

Given that kids (especially infants) grow so fast, I am always looking for opportunities to dress mine up in pieces that I know they will outgrow soon. You can tell by how snugly this jumpsuit fits that in a month’s time, it will find its way to the back of the closet. How sad 🙁

Have yourselves a productive and refreshing week.

Love Joy D’Souza


Outfit Details



Photos captured with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

 Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink 2 Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink 3 Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink 5 Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink 1 Lilmissbelle-Pretty in Pink 4



This most definitely the prettiest of them all. Her smile is so angelic and she is so girly, it is adorable. #babyfever
Keep the romper for me & mine when she comes.

About stopping Mummy Musings hope it will be back soon. #favouritecolumn
The new phone’s camera be on point.(you said it was new on snapchat, Bree I’m no stalker :-))


    Yani Jay you have no mercy, even with my detailed explanation you still demand for the feature, waah. I will do my best before the loyals take to the streets lol. Jumpsuit. Done. Just make sure it is soon, before Xia gets a sister hehehe
    The S7 Edge is beyond anyone’s imagination! It oozes elegance and is exquisitely curved. It is simply a dream. Such things make me wish I was a creative, even for a day.


      Hahahaha! And another sister?? Joy kuwanga serious! The house needs another man too much estrogen #nakuombeamvulana
      If nani accepts, it will be soon, but if not I shall just have to wait paaaaaatiently. 🙂

      And you are creative, some of us can only cheer others on, creativity gene was omitted from my DNA

njambi njau kariuki

Awwwwww.lovely Xia..they grow up sooo fast..she looks adorable..Xena will be overtaken soon from the look of things(smiles,poses)and all:-)


    Yes there’s that possibility but I highly doubt since Xena is fiercely competitive! Of late she has really taken her model game a notch higher after seeing that when she gives me a hard time, I just turn to Xia and snap away. I’m loving the aggression as it’s great for the blog!


…oh gooooooooooosh….( screaaaaaaaams)…???? Xia is soooooo cute and now I can see she is getting her own look,she no longer looks like Xena completely….
…hehehe u too look up to Biko ? hehehehe ,I love Biko but I too am slacking big time…heeeh!!
..sent the mail..☺
..happy 8months to Xia ( early wish)…
..Xia is catching on with Xena too fast…they sure do grow up too fast…

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