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Rain rain, please stay

May 20, 2016

Interestingly, the rainy season is slowly growing on me. In the past, I would be scared of getting wet and having to sometimes jump over puddles but I now look forward to being outdoors. The fact that I get to explore my boots collection and use my umbrella almost every day makes me wish that the rain can stay with us  a little longer.

I also get to rock different outerwear but I must say that I am not big on sweaters and jackets. Is there any kid who loves outerwear anyway? I tend to think we all wear sweaters just to please our parents, especially the mommies and I don’t get why they make a fuss about it! The only time I get excited about wearing a sweater/jacket is when it matches with mommy’s or my sister’s.

I hope you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. Mummy and I will be looking out for new kiddie hangout areas and retailers, so fingers crossed we will have some interesting discoveries for you next week!

Love, Xena D’Souza.


Outfit details

Ponte jacket- Next

Black jeggings-H&M

Black leather boots-H&M

Lilmissbelle Lilmissbelle 1 Lilmissbelle 2 Lilmissbelle 5

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7 years ago

We need a like button on this page, Agree?? YES!!!!
Xena is such a beautiful girl .

7 years ago

Very stylish girl!

7 years ago

…Xena is looking great and stylish in this weather..??? . ..yes yes please go scout for those kiddie hang outs especially those with indoor play areas ,I only know of funscapes in TRM and the Karen Hub .. . ..hehehehe sheyce loves rains because of the fact that she gets to use her umbrella and jump in the puddles then act like she did not see it and goes like oops…?? kids though..☺☺☺ . ..have a lovely weekend and I will be looking forward to your hangout reviews next week then we can ruuuun there the other week…?? hihihi .… Read more »

Julia's mum
Julia's mum
7 years ago

Looking good Xena. Love the hair too.

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