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Twinning Tuesdays-Pink Pastels

May 17, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Pink Pastels 6

The best thing that  happened to Xena is getting herself a sister, while the best thing that happened to me is seeing them get along so well. I know it’s still early stages but my prayer is that the bond lasts and that they will be each others confidants for years to come.

Off late, Xena wants to tag Xia along every morning when she leaves for school, I guess to show her off to her friends. In the afternoon they sit on the carpet and play with her toys before fatigue checks in and she has to take her nap.

In the evening after “shower hour”, that corner couch captured in two of the photos is where they spend their time, reading or just chatting away. Funny though, it always ends up in chaos when Xia accidentally scratches Xena’s face and as if on cue, Xena breaks down crying in the loudest voice possible “mama Xia has hurt me!!!”

Thanks to the cold weather, I am forced to dress Xena up in a heavy romper given that she hates covering up while sleeping. Xia on the other hand is quite the lady. She sleeps so peacefully sometimes I have to check whether she’s breathing! For her, a light romper does the job as the fleece blanket will stay put till morning. Have I mentioned that she sleeps from 9.30pm to 6.00am? Yes she does and she’s been at it since she turned six months 🙂

Happy Tuesday guys!

Love, Joy D’Souza


Outfit details

Xena’s romper-Thrift (Adams market)

Xia’s romper-Carters

Photo captured with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Lilmissbelle-Pink Pastel 2

Let me watch and learn, I may just be the next model :)
Let me watch and learn, I may just be the next model 🙂
What now?!
What now?!
Does your toe really need to breath?
Does your toe really need to breath?

Lilmissbelle-Pink Pastels 5

Best friends for life :)
Best friends for life 🙂
Mama Xia has hurt me!!!
Mama Xia has hurt me!!!



Oh my God! These girls are too too cute!! May they continue being as close…There’s nothing like a bond between sisters!!


wow….too much cuteness right there….Joy you’re one lucky mama, sleeping through the night at 6 months…i’m still dealing with bedtime dramas with my 2.5 year old….absolutely LOVE this blog


    Thank you Lolo for being here! You know what, I may be lucky with the sleep, but suffering on other fronts. For instance, Xia is nine months old and she still cant sit firmly and doesn’t have a single tooth! What I’m trying to say is that kids are different and so is there development, so don’t really mind the bedtime drama, celebrate the positives! 🙂


…am officially on a playmate fever for my sheyce ….this is bond..???…I can only imagine how it is to watch them everyday has to be are blessed Joy….
..and am loving the photos by S7Edge …they are really,really good …???
.. the post..the two Lil ladies are working the pink…


    The S7 Edge will blow you away, you should get it Waceke especially for your blog (you would think they are paying me to market it hehe). And please get Madam Sheyce a playmate already!

      Sheyce Gaceru

      …niiice,,..i will look into it and see if it is affordable for me at the moment..but i would love to have it,really loving the photos..hehehhee on that playmate,someone still has to put a ring on it before i give him any more babies..hahahhahahah..but i would really love to give sheyce a playmate,,.:)


You could almost hear Xia asking,”What now?”??Oh and am officially dethroned from the “big beautiful eyes pedestal”…beautiful babies Joy.You are so blessed Mama.

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