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Mommy 101-Ebru Africa

June 30, 2016
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Yesterday at around 11.00am Xena and I were honoured to be featured on Brenda Wairimu’s Mommy 101 show that airs on Ebru Africa on Sundays at 8.00pm. When Brenda texted me about two weeks ago inquiring whether this was something that would appeal to us, my initial thoughts were to thank her for thinking that we deserved a slot on her show and politely tell her that we were not ready for that. The thought of having thousands or millions of people watching Xena and I and criticizing our mannerisms was too much to handle. We love the blog because in as much as we share our photos (mostly hers), we can afford to hide behind the laptop as we put our features up, and if anything, we can edit and tune them to be exactly how we want them. TV though?? Wow!

However, after much thought, I realised one can never be really ready for anything and all it takes is lots of practice to perfect any act.If anything, the blog is about Xena, so I was just going to ensure that Brenda engages her as much as possible leaving very little time to interview me. I was going to throw Xena under the bus, to her oblivion. However, fate had other plans. Xena took to some writing pad and quickly got consumed with her drawing, putting together a few images, including one of Brenda (hahahaha) and explaining to us what she was drawing all the while. I was forced to do most of the talking (what did I expect anyway, Xena is only 3.5!)

All the same, Xena had a blast, and that’s all that matters. If there’s a time I was glad a had a phone with an impressive camera and huge storage capacity, it had to be yesterday! Thanks to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I managed to quickly capture so many beautiful moments before we got on set for memories sake and to also share with you guys here. Look out for this episode of Mommy 101 on Ebru Africa on Sunday at 8.00pm. I cannot wait to watch it, I’m sure it will remind me to prepare for an interview next time, no matter how much of a walk in the park I may presume it to be.

Still calling out on retailers in kiddie apparel and accesories to get in touch with us for the #50daysofkenyankidsfashion campaign. We have so far lined up a number of edgy and funky outfits and accessories and our first feature on Monday 4th will blow you away.

Love, Joy & Xena.

Xena’s Outfit

Boots-H&M Capetown, SA

Cat glasses,uniform poplin shirt, pixie pants & fleece half jacket-New online store in Nairobi to be launched soon.

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Shelmith Ng'ang'a

Wow Happy For You Dear??

Will miss morning mass to watch this.A must,Aaww

well Behaved Girl as Brenda said

joy U blessed,Xena Something unique about u baby
say hey to xia


Happy for you my munchkin! I once told mummy to be patient coz I know once one door open ‘so more will open for u. ??? and keep ???. Joy can I watch the interview online? Pls whataspp me.

brenda wairimu

I think I had more fun than you guys combined lol! Xena is a lovely baby, and shes well behaved too! Nothing to be worried about there, I can’t wait to see how far this blog and all your other endeavours go baby girl, God bless!!!


    Thank you so much Brenda for having us over and Amen to your prayer! You are doing a great job with the show and I can’t wait to watch more of what you have in store for us!

fridah are always up with something super interesting and one to quest for..something that makes one soo eager to look forward to…. we(Skylar and I) will be so tuned to the channel mama.. and the sunglasses.. I loove them.. they gorg.. xoxo

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