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June 27, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 10

I am convinced that Mondays are from hell. No matter how much rest I get over the weekends I cannot jolt out of bed excitedly, whistle to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop the feeling” as I walk to the shower with  a spring in my step. There’s hardly ever any sunshine in my pocket on Monday mornings. This Monday morning was no exception!

Photography by Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

In partnership with Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill

However, as I went through the photos that would make today’s post, I finally got some burst of energy that had me looking forward to getting out of this stupor and grabbing Monday by its horns! I mean, these moments captured here remind me of how much I want to continuously be able to afford the good life. On Saturday, Xena, her photographers Charles & Dixon and myself had the pleasure of spending the better part of the day at Radisson Blu hotel.

I have to be honest with you guys that I initially thought this hotel was focussed on conference tourism and individual business travelers and would therefore have little or no offering for families with kids, especially toddlers. My myth was totally debunked on Saturday.

We first sat at the Humidor Lounge to have some refreshments as we waited for the rest of the team. While Xena is generally a poor feeder, I love the fact that when we go to restaurants she always knows what she want’s to have which makes me feel like I am hanging out with a mini adult. I asked for house coffee and croissants and she said she only wanted hot chocolate. Luckily for her, the drinks were served with complementary cookies which Xena could not have enough of and our gracious host kept yielding to her demands :). A few minutes later, I grabbed my book (which I have been reading for months, shame!) and Xena her colouring kit and shortly after, Charles and Dixon arrived and we started shooting.

I cannot wait to tell you how much we fell in love with this establishment and the warmth of its staff. One post would be a travesty of the hotel’s magnifisence, therefore, I shall share with you more about Radisson Blu in a series of posts. The pool area (how much Xena wanted to swim but the weather was anything but friendly), the kiddie menu which we shall be sampling soon, and much more!

On 4th of July, we shall launch 50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion, a digital campaign aimed at promoting Kenyan based retailers in kids’ apparel and accessories. I know how hard and frustrating finding quality fashionable clothing and accessories for your minis can be and so I figured I could make all our lives easier by showcasing different kiddie stuff from as many retailers on one platform. We are grateful for the retailers that have come on board and for Radisson Blu, for allowing us to shoot this campaign at their premises. If you know of a business that would want to be featured, share with me their email address and I will get in touch with them.

Wishing you a very productive start to the week. I know for sure mine already is!

Love, Joy & Xena

Outifit Details:


Dress-Next, UK

Shoes, Woolworths, SA

Jacket-Jet, SA



Beige heels-BCBG Maxazria


Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 6 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 7 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 8 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 1 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 3 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 2 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 12 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 9 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 4 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 16 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 15 IMG_2758 Lilmissbelle-Radisson Blu 13 IMG_2773


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  • Lilian

    Wish to be there but mommy knows my situation but I wish u all the best. Looking lovely as always. ❤️❤️❤️

    Shelmith Ng'ang'a

    Wow I missed to check this earlier.Though its okaay.
    cnt wait for next week yeeeah.come 4th July.
    joy and Xena looking good,stunning as always
    Beautiful smiles.
    I love all the photos but I love The 5th photo alto??.

    sending A Dozens kisses to Xia(blessed week toto).
    Blessed week To Joy and xena

    Julia's mum

    You both look stunning. And what a lovely venue. Will definitely be checking it out with Jules. Xena looks like she’s already a top model. Her poses are effortless. Well done Joy.


    The only thing that makes my Mondays bearable is your blog posts. You are my role model, all you have accomplished in life at this time in your life is a morale booster for me.

    Y’all look amazing, if wishes were horses, Id raid your closet except shoes because of my doll sized feet.

    Keep slaying Mommy & Daughter. Love you!


    I love your blog, wish the monday musings was longer!! Keep up the writing, you inspire this (also) mother of two girls. Please do a hair piece to let us know the products you use on your daughter’s hair. Thanks


    Awesome news right there!! I am so excited about the are right finding fashionable and good quality clothes for my son has always been a challenge so hopefully the local retailers will show us what they have and where to get them.

    As usual Xena looks beautiful.. And you too!! I love the shots.


      You know when Charles gets behind the lens there can be nothing but great shots Plounne 🙂 Thanks for reading and yes I can’t wait to discover and feature all the hidden fashionable boutiques in Nairobi!

    Sheyce Gaceru am honestly out of words ,my breath has been taken away by the beauty of you two…<3 you look so amazingly beautiful..

    ..i have no idea why i do not bump into you ,on the same exact day maaahn,i was checking out radisson blu at around 9am but my toddler was so grumpy and we left for the hse intending to go back in the afternoon but we got lazy ,and it was also my first time there..and now u made me want to go back and spend some quality time in that aura and ambiance..but whyyyyyy did we get lazy,why now??!!! but issorait..

    ..i have been looking forward to the campaign and i cannot wait for its launch ..<3….you just made my monday exciting…<3

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