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Too Cool For School!

June 23, 2016
Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school

It’s been exactly one month since we last interacted over here. I have been trying to find a formula that would enable me strike a sound balance between work, family, play and hustling but I am yet to find one. Truth be told, there’s also been a little bit of laziness involved and a lot of binge watching of shows. Speaking of which, am I the last one to have caught the Game of Thrones fever? Well now you know what has been consuming the bulk of my extra time.

Photography by Charles Ngomo of RoyalReel Photography

That said, a one month break from blogging is more than any blogger could ask for, otherwise a much longer break should have one start to wonder whether they truly enjoy writing at all. I know I love to write, heck my entire life revolves around writing. And most importantly, Xena loves to shoot. So trust me we are here to stay.

And with those few remarks, ladies and gentlemen, Xena and I are about to make up for our absence in a big way. I promise you may even get bored of us because we will be all over the place, so much so your eyeballs may just end up consuming nothing but feeds from Lil’missbelle 🙂

To start with, we will be having guest kids (both male and female) on our platform once in a while in a bid to diversify our kids fashion and lifestyle reviews. For today’s post, meet Johari, a bubbly four year old child with the most hilariously cute expressions I have come across. He loves cycling, swimming and playing soccer. He also has an amazing fashion sense and loves colorful clothes which was quite inspiring and challenging at the same time when I was trying to create a sense of uniformity between his outfits and Xena’s for the shoot.

Secondly, we will be launching a campaign on the 4th of July showcasing Kids Fashion & Accessories retailed or made in Kenya. We are really excited about this initiative and more details will be out soon.

Finally, Major Key Alert (I just had to use that, I find DJ Khaled insanely hilarious), we have scored a new partnership whose details I cannot wait to share with you!!! This was one of those deals that seem so far fetched until I finally received a confirmation email! You know dealing with corporates is a daunting task and you can never really celebrate until you have signed on the dotted line. Look out for Monday’s post for more details.

Did I mention that its been a year since we started this journey? Thank you so much for being a part of it and because of you, we are where we are now!


Joy & Xena.

Xena’s outfit

Sun glasses-Ackermans SA (you can find kids sun glasses at Mr Price  and Baby Shop)

Pink sweater- Gift

Blue Denim-Baby Shop, T Mall

Boots-Clarks, The Junction

Johari’s outifit:

Snap cap-Mr Price

Stripped long sleeved T-Shirt-Woolworths

Boots-a shop in SA whose name the mum could not remember

Jeans-a shop in New Delhi (no memory of the name either!)

Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 1Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 2Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 3Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 4Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 5Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 6Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 7Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 8Lilmissbelle -Too cool for school 9



FIIIIIIIIINALLY!!! I had withdrawal symptoms at some point! So glad you are back and for all the deals you got going on, all the best.

Those photos are soooo cute. That dude got some serious swag! (kwanza hio pose) I think I noticed Xena being all so girly & kidogo less diva, then straight to tom-boy. This one is a hard one to keep up with.

Now I have something to look forward to Monday!!! (hope you are seeing all this excitement)


. we (sky and i) had missed you mami….a huuge one.. I must admit am suuuper duper excited about your coome back yaaaaay!!..


welcome back Joy and Xena. Its been a really long wait for me. I’m all excited about what’s in store for us especially the ‘major key’ announcement and the 4th of July showcase.


Oh wow!! Aren’t they the cutest? I must admit I went straight to the photos first..
You’l have to convince me doing this is not easy(the writing bit).Getting better by the minute..I’m hooked!
Keep going doll!! We are super proud of you!!!


    Thanks Mimir for the support and because of your encouragement we will keep soldiering on even when it feels like we are not moving forward! These two are a match made in heaven 🙂


…aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (screaaaaaaaams all the way) oh my goooosh who are those kids ? ! ☺☺ they are too cool,too dope…
. so glad you are back,I was getting a little worried ..hehee .. and yeeeiy to the campaign and the features ..☺☺
.. and you see,more partnerships coming your way Joy,so happy for u..this is good …
..this was worth the wait,and please ,go ahead and be all over the place …
.. and I love how your comebacks always are ,they make the wait very much worth it…☺☺☺ good stuff ..good stuff …
keep up mama
..and Xena is growing too darn fast,look at how cool she is ..??? Johari was just too perfect to the shoot,good pick …

Shelmith Ng'ang'a

You Can Say That Again Games Of The Thrones?
The kids are Just priceless.
cnt wait for your initiative come 4th July.
looking good both of you??
xena what was happening in the 7th photo the look lol..
I had missed you.

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