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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 6

July 21, 2016

If you thought you had seen all the comfortable and fashionable ways to carry a baby in Day 3 of this campaign, think again! Toto Wraps range of product offerings is quite diverse and it will take us a number of posts to cover them all!

Photography by Charles Ngomo of RoyalReelPhotography

Featured Kenyan Retailers:

Stretchy wrap and carrier from Toto Wraps: Website, Facebook page, reach them on (+254)717-993 884

Xena’s Gap Hoodie from

Shoot location-Samsung Galaxy Store & Playground, Valley Arcade Shopping Centre

The Stretchy Wrap:

Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps

This is perfect for carrying newborn babies on the front but also works for the older ones and can handle a maximum of 13kgs. As you can clearly see, Xia who is 10 months old weighing 9.5kgs  is quite safe and snug in this gorgeous cobalt blue wrap. As the name suggests, the stretchy wrap conveniently expands to perfectly hold the baby as its made of organic stretch cotton fabric. Amazingly, despite its stretchy nature, once the baby is safely secured, it does not stretch any further and you therefore need not worry about sagging.

Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 2 Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 3 Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 4 Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 5

The Baby Carrier:

Not your normal baby carrier as it’s carefully stitched to ensure both the baby and the mother’s comfort are well taken care of. What’s more, it comes in a variety of beautiful African prints so you need not shy away from carrying your baby around the next time you got to dress up for an event!

Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 6  Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 8   Lilmissbelle-Toto wraps 11

Love, Joy & Xena.

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[…] animal print stretchy wrap? This wrap is similar to the blue stretchy wrap that I reviewed over here on day 6 of this […]

7 years ago

I looove the wraps….fantastic creations from toto wraps…. thanks Joy & Xena for showing us this. Waiting for little boys stuff

7 years ago

..oh sorry I ment the carrier is getting a little too small for my lil one not the stroller

7 years ago

..@Lil'missbelle . how much does the carrier go for?.. I like it..I got this carrier before giving birth that really helps on those days am on close door errands that I don’t have to use my heavily humongous stroller that’s now getting a little too small for my chubby baby hehe..say those days you up to pick groceries.. Off to grab something in the supermarket..or those days you just feel like stepping out kidogo just for some fun little shopping and your baby can enjoy herself.. also at times when am on house chores and she won’t stay alone and… Read more »

7 years ago

…my favorite is that baby carrier ..?? looks like a backpack …hehehe…but I would want all of them,lol…in a couple of years when baby number two comes..??..
..I love your pants and top and u left the details out ? …beautiful photos ,very lovely babies

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