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Perfect Gentleman

July 8, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 9

If there’s ever a moment I have felt convinced that a picture speaks a thousand words, it has to be this one right here. I will therefore not do these photos any injustice by trying to describe the emotions that have engulfed me just from looking at this charming perfect gentleman and the lady in white. Neither will I attempt to explain how knowing how far Johari’s mom and I have come and seeing these two getting along so well tugs at my heartstrings. I will just let the pictures speak their own words, in thousands.

Photography by Charles Ngomo of Royal Reel Photography

However, I have to address something that bugs me.

Over the holidays, you’ll probably find yourselves attending several events where you’d need to tag your kids along, such as weddings, family get together, and of course church which is not a holiday affair but an every weekend affair.  It always pains me to see parents (especially moms) dressed so elegantly and next to them would be a young fellow trotting happily spotting unkempt “matutas” (the extremely fat braids), a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt , thick white stockings with red love hearts all over and a pair of flowery shorts worn over the stockings. Finally, as if that atrocity is not enough, to complete the look the kid would normally have white glittery pumps.

I found this look fit for such occasions and I hope it inspires you to get your kids looking as stylish and classy as you when it comes to formal and semi casual affairs. Toddlers don’t necessarily need to adopt the runway look but it doesn’t hurt to put in a little effort when dressing them up, especially when your outfit suggests that you are seriously keeping up with fashion trends. Here’s to bringing up fashionable toddlers. Happy holidays and look out for our next #50daysofkenyankidsfashion post on Monday.

As always, thanks for being here!

Love, Joy & Xena.

Outfit details:

Dress-same as here

Hand bag-Same as here

Ballerina shoes-Same as here



Pants-New Delhi, India

Shoes-New Delhi, India

Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 1 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 2 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 3 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 4 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 5 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 6 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 7 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 8 Lilmissbelle-Perfect Gentleman 9



Aaawww my God, they look so adorable….Johari is such a gentleman. There is nothing as bad as a well dressed parent with a child who looks like they dint come from the same house. Can’t wait to shop from kids couture


there is no sweet feeling like walking around with your baby smartly speaks volumes about thew parents. You ask me where my money is the answer is my kid is wearing it coz after all we work so hard coz of these kids so why not let them shine


AAAAAAWWWWW!! They are so cute my heart just bulges into 3 times its size.
Being a gentleman clearly is culture we need to start teaching again to our kids. Our generation X & Z are just a tad bit too casual on all this.

P.S. This is so cute I just want a mini me to dress up now.

Kevin Osiemo

What a beautiful exposition right there. Kids accentuate our elegance when it comes to grooming. I’m using grooming because I’m a man. You’ll never stand out in any event however how smart or elegant you look, if your kids aren’t as elegant as you are. In any occasion, as long as you tag your kids along, their elegance matters as well.

Kathambi Kihara

Woi!!!!!!! Amen and Amen!!!! I totally agree! this thing of dressing kids for the sake of covering them up needs to stop! We wonder why our teenagers are dressing as they a re right now, well its coz parents have not taken time to teach their kids what style is about! But this too are absolutely amazingly cuuuute!


    That’s exactly what most people do Val! Dress them for the sake of covering them up. It is one thing when you cant afford it but when the parent is rocking striking brands all the way from France and Italy, be it new or second hand, and the child is in a sorry state, makes you raise so many eyebrows. Thanks for reading Val and I can’t wait for your litu one to get here!


My heart just pee’d its pants!! These kids are too precious! Heh! And a serious big up to the fashionable mommies who have dressed them up so well.


The photo where they are looking at each other is simply divine. That’s the cutest pair of kids I ever saw. I agree with you Joy, we should make an effort to ensure our babies look as good as we do when we go out. Say no to those uncoordinated, multicoloured multiple, prints and unkempt hair(though its a real task to keep a toddler’s hair looking neat all the time)

Fibi Nimo

Hi Joy,
I think “speaking thousand words” can’t just describe these photos. <3 <3. I look forward to being a mum some day and honestly i get so many tips and inspirations from two adorable ladies. God Bless you.

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