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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 11

August 2, 2016

Next time I have plans for Sunday brunch at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, remind me not to schedule anything before and after! Man I still feel like last Sunday just zoomed past me and I need a time machine to take me back so that I can savor every moment that the day had to offer. Sigh. First, our friend’s daughter was getting baptized at 11.30am in Westlands which meant we could only make an appearance then dash to Upper Hill for the brunch which is normally served from 12.30pm. Suffice to say we only managed to get there at 1.00pm at which point Charles was already restless as he had another shoot at 2.00pm! Several families had already settled into their reserved spaces enjoying their meals while listening to the band that serenaded them. Xena and I quickly changed from the church outfits to our brunch outfits and got down to “work”.

Featured Kenyan retailer-

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0-

Shoot location-Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill

Photography by Charles Ngomo 

The display was quite enticing and one could only hope that it was a true reflection of the food which we all could not wait to devour. In fact, my husband whose first time it was accompanying us to a sponsored shoot kept asking why we couldn’t just eat first then shoot later! I didn’t know whether it was a failed attempt at humor amidst the hunger or if he was actually being serious and I didn’t care to find out.

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 2

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 4

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 5

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 6

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 7

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 1

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 9

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 10

What makes Radisson Blu’s brunch offering the perfect Sunday plan is the fact that the establishment crafted the theme with children in mind, thereby allowing families to spend quality time together without worrying about their kids’ comfort. For starters, there’s a kiddie menu which caters well to kids’ palates while being cost effective. The kids’ menu, which I believe is revised weekly, featured french fries, chicken sausages and chicken nuggets.

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 12

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 22

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 23

However, given that Xena has no love for fries and sausages, she only asked to have the chicken nuggets and I served the rest of her food from the main buffet. I mean, with lasagna, grilled fish, pork cutlets and ossobuco as part of the the brunch dishes, there’s no prize for guessing what appealed to her most! Being a fussy eater, I reminded her severally that she could only get back to playing the games on her Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 upon finishing her food. Let’s just say she scored 7 on a scale of 1-10.

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 14

Despite having no grounds, the hotel has tried to create an outdoor setting by laying out a green carpet over a portion of the veranda area giving an outdoor illusion. The area features a trampoline on which the kids can jump but for those who prefer more chilled out activities, they can settle on the carpet and draw/color away.

One hour later, every one had had their lunch and the beaming faces were a testament to the delectable meals.  Except me. Between directing the shoot and feeding baby Xia, I had not had a chance to eat! I quickly handed the baby over to the dad, served me some generous portion of my favorites and sat down to enjoy the most mouth watering seared fish and grilled pork I had had in a long time!

The dessert looked totally finger-licking good and the fact that we were full to the brim did not stop us from indulging. I went for my favorite creme brulee while Xena and the dad shared a chocolate mousse.

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 13

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 15

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 16

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 17

When the clock struck 3.00pm, it was finally time to leave as I was meeting up with friends at the Koroga festival for a much needed break and daddy was going to be on daddy duty! But not before taking a few selfies at the Humidor Lounge.

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 17

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 18

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 19

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 20

Lillmissbelle-Radisson Blu brunch 21

Outfit details:

Printed shirt dress-

Multicolored glasses-

Sandals- gift

Love, Joy & Xena.

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7 years ago

Your time management skill is what I need in my life. Even with all the many events, you still pulled through. Men are just so alike at times, because mine also does the same when the situation is tense or I’m so rushed & late. Naskianga kuchizi! Though I know its always from a warm place. Xena is so adorable and all diva like. That food though, to die for. Lunch time is just around the corner & cravings are mad. Kids at this age are adventurous even with their foods. they enjoy, spicy and tangy food. Others even like… Read more »

7 years ago

Ha ha Xena is truly exceptional, what kid doesn’t like fries and sausages?? She’s growing into such a lady. Joy you truly are a superwoman, how do you fit so many things into one day?! Everything looks soo delectable i’m already hungry and its only 11 a.m

7 years ago

.why is she growing up so fast?she is such a little lady..<3 …and the foooooood?? good heavens ,i need a proper cheat day…hehehehe …love the post … #perfecto…

7 years ago

She looks like such a lady….legs crossed and all. Good job Xena. Do you have any pictures of the trampoline or swimming pool for us mummies who only go to Raddisson for date night? *face in palm*

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