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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion -Day 12

August 3, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Wraps 4

Two reasons why I shall continue showcasing my newfound love for wraps: One, it’s obviously my latest obsession and I cannot seem to remember how I survived in the past without it when going about my business with my kids. Two, it’s World Breastfeeding Week and how I wish Xia was still breastfeeding because I promise you I would easily get into action anywhere and everywhere without feeling any shame. Not that I cared before, but Toto Wraps make it so much more convenient and efficient. Especially breastfeeding on the go! I could easily breastfeed while walking around the mall or shopping at the store with surety of my child’s safety and comfort. Most of all, the extra fabric that makes the tail (tucked in this case as I did not need it) would ensure that the child (and the boob) is well covered thus preventing uneasy or awkward moments.

Breastfeeding is a key to sustainable development. It is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development, it is also the foundation of a country’s development-UNICEF

Embrace your child’s need for breast milk and let nothing stop you from availing it to them, whenever, wherever. At least you got Toto Wraps making life so much easier for you!

Love, Joy & Xena

Featured Kenyan retailers:

Kitenge sling wrap from Toto Wraps: Website, Facebook page, reach them on (+254)717-993 884

Xena’s printed shirt dress:

Shoot location-Sunday Brunch at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill

Photography by Charles Ngomo 


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Terry kimani

awesome i love the toto wraps am dying to get one esp now that i hv a 3 month baby nd i hv to travel with her to school…where can i get one nd at how much please…your looking great say hey to the cute babies


Super enterprenuer woman, how you juggle between everything that you do and still be this good mommy of 2 and not 10yr olds beats me….you work hard yet you make it look so simple and fun…..and those legs make me want to start Jeffreys


Xia is looking more and more like a replica of you 🙂 2 kids later and you can compete with any 20 year old college girl. I absolutely love your shorts(and your legs in those shorts lol)


    Can you please say that again Lolo! Everyone including myself believes that both my kids resemble the dad so it’s exciting to get a different opinion once in a while. The outfit is actually a romper. Thank you much.


what a super mum there and her beautiful princesses Xena and Xia… ur post always make motherhood look soo sweet for us who are not yet…hehe…. u are an inspiration Joy…God bless


..hehehe you know ,i tend to go like,let me not comment today ,but then again i find myself commenting…but heeeeey,i will always comment,how else is Joy to know that i enjoyed her post,u know….

I love the Toto wraps ,they will be my first purchase when i get another baby..hahahah…in a couple of years ..i looove your shorts ..<3 and aaawww #squad winning …:)

i weirdly never breastfed in public ,lol,it felt so freakishingly weird ,so am that mommy who carried nun in bottles ,but i celebrate women who have managed to breastfeed all through ,its a beautiful thing and breast is best…:)


    I always look forward to reading your comments Waceke so please don’t ever shy away from commenting! Thanks for the kind words, glad to know that you loved the post. A lot of frustration and hard work went into getting these shots. Let’s just say that on this particular Sunday I realized I needed super powers hehehe. And when you are ready for number two, Toto Wraps will have even more exciting products. That lady Leah doesn’t sleep! She inspires me a lot. Hi to Sheyce.


Gosh, Joy you look like a model who borrowed the babies for the shoot!! You look great! The girls too ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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