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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 16

August 16, 2016
Lilmissbelle-Frozen 7

Finally after what felt like a decade, my daughters and I got to watch Frozen last Friday evening.  I know this is a tad bit late (3 years later to be precise) but you gotta cut me some slack given that animated movies don’t really tickle my fancy.  Well Xia, the 10 month old, did not understand much but being the TV buff that she already is, she remained glued to the screen and clapped happily every time the musical acts came on. On the other hand, Xena was competely immersed in the movie, so much so she sat through the entire 1hr 42 minutes, asked a million questions and when the credits rolled, all she wanted was to visit Frozen land. Since her debut appearance on TV (Ebru Africa), she believes anything that comes on TV is real and it is posible to be part of it. When I asked her who she would really love to meet, she said princess Elsa (but of course!) and Kristoff (awwwhhh).

Anway, fairy tales aside, I loved the lesson behind the movie which is something that I will keep reminding my daughters for as long as I have breath in me. To let go of any insecurities they may have, embrace their imperfections and not have a fear in the world. I now understand why Frozen ranks as the highest grossing animated film of all time and why so many companies have made a fortune selling Frozen mechandise!

I cannot think of a fancier way to rock Frozen wear than this two piece Disney set which includes a cotton Frozen sweat shirt and jeggings. I love the star detail that runs right below the knee to the ankle. The warm baby blue sweatshirt featuring princess Elsa makes one feel as if they are right at the top of the mountain singing “Let it go”. It makes for a proper wadrobe staple for this bipola Nairobi weather but if the cold never bothered you anyway, the jeggings can be styled differently! See what i did there hehehe

Happy shopping!

Love, Joy & Xena

Featured Kenyan store: Online store Once Upon A child.

Check out their wonderful collection on their website

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Facebook Page: onceuponachildkenya

Phone- 0700898774

Boots from H&M-SA

Thank you Charles Ngomo for the amazing shots!

Lilmissbelle-Frozen IMG_8529 IMG_8531 IMG_8533 IMG_8536 IMG_8539 IMG_8544 IMG_8545



..last one…..your top ,the grey one in previous toto wrap posts,i found them in Mr Price…:)yeeeiy, they had that grey and white….i took the grey one..:p


    Wow good for you! I would love to see how it looks. Tag me on IG when you rock it. I got mine from H&M and I wear it all the time. Would not mind getting another one (of course a different color) so that I can give this one a breather!


..oh and the toys,they look like educative toys,details on them please,….especially where to get them and price range and will appreciate any other recommendations on educative toys,..Level one,creche,kindergaten kind….

Thank you Jot..:)


    We did this shoot at the client’s home and those were her kids toys! I also fell in love with the one Xena is sitting on but forgot to inquire about it. Your query has inspired me to do a post on kids toys at a later date. Thanks!


…Fiiiiiiiiinally Joy got to watch animations….hehehe…:) after a whole lot of convincing ….so ,can i recommend afew animations you should watch with the kids? we love Inside out ,its amazing and you will love it,there is Smurfs,Zootopia,Nut Job,Mr P Buddy and Sherman. Those are sheyces favorite for now,she doesnt enjoy kiddie cartoons,so i pick such for her. Xena will love them especially Inside Out.

Also try Cinema dates with Xena,i saw u did one awhile back and u said she loved it…make it a habit every now and then. Sheyce does sit for at least 1 and a half hours and follows till the end …

Enjoyed this post and the previous one,my net was so crappy i couldn’t leave my comment n the other one …:)

Lovely week ahead ….:)


    Thanks for the recommendations. I will let you know hot it goes. We still do Cinema dates but the dad has been taking her of late. Last one I watched with her was Pingu a while back. I am glad you enjoyed the post and the previous one! Much appreciated!


awww she looks so cuute in that frozen outfit.. a Yaay on behalf of Xena for finally giving her the chance to watch frozen..I watched frozen back in campus.. so Skylar has not gotten the opportunity to watch it.. but Will be getting her one for our next movie date..

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