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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 17

August 19, 2016
Lilmissbelle- HBC

Childhood Innocence!

If I was asked to describe this post in two words, Childhood Innocence would be it. Because every time I watch Xena hang out with her best friend Makena, I am reminded of friendship in its purest and most sincere form. Uncorrupted. Innocuous. Divine. The genuine longingness to be together, the unending fun of course with a bit of fighting over toys and constantly telling on each other, and finally the heartbreaking goodbyes. If only childhood innocence lasted for ever.

Xena turns 4 and Makena turns 3 in a few months time, yet whenever they are together, I always forget the one year age difference because they behave like twins. The thing that surprises me the most lately is how competitive they have become at such a tender age. On this particular day, I almost gorged my eyes out trying to get them ready for the shoot. At one point, I decided to hold Xena’s hair in an updo because I felt it was all over the place when let loose. “Also me!” Said Makena in a very frustrated voice. So I explained to Makena that hers looked quite elegant when let loose and breathed a sigh of relief when she said “Ok”. “What about mine mama? I also want mine to look elegant so please remove the hairband.” Said Xena, just as I thought I had won the battle. Next was the dress, Xena wanted a flowery one like Makena’s and when I mentioned that the lace looked perfect on her, Makena got some ideas. This was one of my hardest shoots ever but I was quite impressed with the results.

Of late I have been on the hunt for delightful dresses for toddlers and my search this time round led me to Happy Baby Centre, a kid’s store located in the heart of Nairobi with a keen focus on boys but with offering for girls too. When I spotted the lace dress, I did not think twice about taking it home with me. This was mainly because 1) I have a similar one and I immediately envisioned Xena and I twinning and 2) I am at the coast as I write this and at that time, I knew the dress would come in handy for the trip. As for the shoes, I can never get enough of ballerina shoes because they can be paired with absolutely anything! They are a wardrobe staple for kids and honestly I don’t know how any girl child would survive without them.

I hope you love the outfit as much as we do. Head over to Happy Baby Centre’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see more of what they have. Happy shopping!

A big thank you to Haven Decor for providing us with the shoot location! Check them out for exceptionally fabulous furniture and interior decor. You can reach them on 0710-644939.

Featured Kenyan store: Happy Baby Centre

Facebook page: HappyBabyCentre

Instagram handle: @happybabycentre_2016

Find them at Moi Avenue, Giantmart Mall opposite BIHI Towers next to Mc Frys, Shop B7

Reach them on 0720-332879 or 0723-662933

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0: Samsung Kenya

Photography by Charles Ngomo

Love, Joy & Xena

Lilmissbelle- HBC1

Lilmissbelle- HBC2

Lilmissbelle- HBC3

Lilmissbelle- HBC4

Lilmissbelle- HBC5

Lilmissbelle- HBC6

Lilmissbelle- HBC7

Lilmissbelle- HBC8

Lilmissbelle- HBC9

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Lilmissbelle- HBC11



All I can think of when reading this post is the jam ‘My Best Friend’.
We as parents have the task of helping our children nurture such friendships since they are rare and the best kind.

Ps: They are so adorable together

Mama Ivanna

Lovely girls …. soo gorgeous. It seems this ‘I will tell you you’ is an age thing. My 3.5yr old is always telling on people hahaha


I have tried to find something cuter than this on the internet and I just can’t!!!!!!! And their littu feet in cute little doll shoes… I CANT EVEN!!! *insert heart eyes emoji here lol*

Makena and Xena are the ultimate bestie goals. And you styled them perfectly, the yellow details on Makena’s dress compliment her yellow beads and Xena’s white dress is soo simple but soo pretty.
Great job on this campaign Joy… you are raising a stylish little girl :))
Cant wait for day 18.


Awwww….too much cuteness in one post. The little BFFs look soo gorgeous in their dresses and those diva poses.
Makena’s 3 years old! My 3 year old is nowhere close to being as big as she is, she is such a skinny little toddler even though she can eat a whole elephant by herself…ha ha.


..aww their friendship is soo sweeeeet.. they look soo adoraably gorgeous.. I happen to have a baby with very short or do I say small feet hehe.. finding fitting shoes for her is such a big hustle ..especially the ballerina kind or those without laces.. can’t wait for her feet to grow longer lol!

sheyce in the exam room as I type my comment ,my paper starts at 8am,I could have waited to comment later but being me ,I cannot..???
..they are beautiful ,their friendship seems so genuine ,I want that in my life … Love the dresses,too gorgeous ???
.. And yeeees to the ballerina shoes ??? ,dress obsession ,we are many on that …finally we hit 10 dresses and 6skirts,lol….they are few but I feel so accomplished…???
.. Love the post and I so need me some sun and some beach …the cold am feeling right now in Nairobi is cwaaaaizy …

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