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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion -Day 19

August 24, 2016
Lilmissbelle- T&G 8

Still on that summer vybe, I was delighted to find a complete swimming ensemble from The Kids Bedroom at Adam’s Arcade just a few hours before we left for the coast. See I normally buy my vegetables at the grocery store that sits right in the middle of the Adams Arcade complex and I needed to stock the house with fruits and veggies for those who would be left behind. I therefore left the office at 3.00pm and was done with the shopping by 3.45pm. With about 1 hour to go, given that I had parked our travel gear the previous night and Xena was already dressed up and waiting eagerly,  I decided to quickly pop in the kid’s store on the first floor and boy was I happy that I did. With such a wide collection to choose from, I had to remind myself that Nairobi’s traffic can be very unforgiving and we could easily miss our 7.00pm flight.

I spotted this bikini set but unfortunately most of the sizes were for the older girls. I could not hide my excitement when the attendant mentioned that there could be one remaining piece which was on the outer display window that would fit my tiny four-year old. As soon as he found it, I grabbed it before he could change his mind and decide that it looked better on the mannequin hehe. What I loved the most about The Kids Bedroom is the fact that I was able to walk out with everything I needed for a day at the pool: Swimming glasses, sandals, a hooded towel and of course the bikini costume.

Featured Kenyan store: The Kids Bedroom/Tickles and Giggles Kids

Facebook page: The Kids Bedroom/Tickles and Giggles Kids

Find them at Adams Arcade Shopping Center & Diamond Plaza

Reach them on 0737-280570/0705-068035


Love, Joy and Xena.

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. thiiis is aawesooooome!!..yaay!..I was waiting all morning as you’d promised.. and booy do I love it .. and the hooded towel..I loove them.. Skylar has got 3 so far..they just fit so well on em toddlers.. myy goosh I badly want a bikini for Todd..


    I love the hooded towels as well. Such a great way of instantly keeping them warm once they get out of the water. Get Skylar a bikini from The Kids Bedroom. I hope they have her size and if not, they normally restock regularly.


wow. this is wonderful. you are doing a splendid job and your daughter is an inspiration to mothers. I love the swimwear given I plan to travel to the coast with the kids, my headache is over now.

Annie peter's

Love love looove the towel… just throw it on.. no need to start wrapping up the lil munchkin’s who always want there hands free no matter how wet and cold they are. Superb purchase?

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