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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 21

August 29, 2016

If you think you have the funkiest accessories in your kid’s closet, think again. Unless this cool pair of LED shoes features in your kids’ collection, then you my friend might as well get back to locking your landline with a padlock! The LED sneakers light up in different colors-blue, green, violet, pink, red and white. You can opt to have one color on at a given time or have different colors continuously flashing in quick succession depending with the setting you choose.

I decided to go for a laid back look and styled the shoes with a pair of black and mustard sweats which would be perfect for a Saturday night movie date. Just before the cameras rolled, to everyone’s amazement,  Xena grabbed the photographer’s hat and placed it on her head facing backwards instantly elevating her look into a street/hiphop one! What’s more, while I was busy directing her on how to pose, she totally ignored me and attempted to do the moonwalk balancing on the front tips of her sneakers for an unbelievably long time! I guess the ballet classes are finally paying off but I also think someone has been watching to many music videos.

The LED shoes trend has really caught on, with celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Ellie Goulding, Jason Derulo and Justin Bieber spotting them and looking incredibly spectacular in them! I am seriously on a quest to find myself a pair to match my daughter’s, so if anyone knows where I can get size 5 locally, please point me in that direction.

And if you are worried about fighting over your phone charger with your toddler, worry no more as the shoes come with a USB cable for charging them. You can get the LED sneakers and sweats in different colors from Happy Baby Centre. Happy shopping!

Love, Joy & Xena.

Featured Kenyan store: Happy Baby Centre

Facebook page: HappyBabyCentre

Instagram handle: @happybabycentre_2016

Find them at Moi Avenue, Giantmart Mall opposite BIHI Towers next to Mc Frys, Shop B7

Reach them on 0720-332879 or 0723-662933

Shoot locationHaven Decor . Check them out for exceptionally fabulous furniture and interior decor. You can reach them on 0710-644939.

Photography by Charles Ngomo


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Joy u are a true inspiration …to many …may GOD bless u …u a an example of how we should nature young talents that most of the parents never get to see….n also taught many that we should not leave our kids behind in those fabulous looks…. u are amaizing…n Xena soo beautiful …


…still drooling over Xenas’ style ,..<3 reminds me of a street shoot you did ,it had some awesome graffiti background,now this is like an advanced and upgraded version of that ,you know…. really love the journey of you two…

Just like you told me,consistency,dedication,commitment and drive is what one needs and i can see that in your journey… Taking notes ,deriving a whole lot of motivation and inspiration and staying encouraged from your work Joy ,keep doing this, Am your protégé ,(self assigned)lol …

Blessings and Blessings Mama ….


    Lol ati self assigned protege 🙂 You are hilarious Waceke! Jokes aside, I am glad to know that my work is an inspiration to you and others out there. Keeps me going!
    The graffiti shoot! It has such bad memories because Xena was in such an awful mood that day only for her to get admitted in hospital with pneumonia a few days later 🙁


      ..yeaaa,i do remember she went Mia for sometime then you put a post after she was discharged form hospital… So this was a perfect make up shoot when she is in her best moods to showcase some street wear…. ..<3


I love the hip hop style look!! She reminds me of old me, I should get back to those days.
Visiting the store soon for this hip sweatshirts for my son, thanks!


…first ,I need to have Xena and schedule her for a shoot with Sheyce … ? they would totally rock that shoot.. Sheyce is as flexible as Xena and she sits on her legs just like that …???
.. The LED shoes ??? screenshot sent to the baba already and where to find them ?lol…
.. Xena is growing too fast…her posses have very much become awesome and like those of a super pro… Love them …
..This post nailed it…I have a freaking list from what u have posted ,21 items …daaaaamn plus ombre hair for myself…where to even start now …and the way u ain’t coming srooooowry(insert that accent) … Hahaha
.. Lovely day Joy and Xena


      ..Sindio naona…hehehehe ,am looking at the prices for most of these items,none is below Ksh 3000 ,the ones i have loved apart from the are the most affordable i tell but heeeey,it is allowed to have some proper quality stuff in the closet,u know..


..I’m loving the whole outfit..dazzlingly gorgeous.. and Xena’s poses are totally out of this world hehe.. gosh isn’t she just super amazingly awesome!..


Is there anything that Xena cannot rock???
She reminds me of Aaliyah in these photos, so chilled, laid back, yet glamorous and all so diva!
I must say I did not like the shoes before, but now you got me rethinking them.

p.s: Still waiting on the like button for the site.


    This girl rocks anything indeed. I cannot wait to pair the LED sneakers with a skater skirt! Seems like you plan on campaigning for the like button until it is implemented 🙂 Gotta do something about it.

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