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50 Days of Kenyan Kids Fashion- Day 24

September 8, 2016

Over the past few days, Nairobi weather has decided to demonstrate its unrivalled schizophrenic capabilities much to the shock of everybody. I have never been one to be weighed down by the cold weather. If anything, only my upper body used to suffer the wrath of cold seasons. So in the past, I would comfortably rock a mini dress but layer up heavily on the upper body with a jacket and a scarf. Not this time round though. Man! That cold had zero chills. Literally! Not even gallons of coffee and a pashmina would save my legs from freezing last week on Thursday. I have therefore sworn to only wear pants to work until the weather decides to sober up!

This left me wondering if we are dressing our kids warm enough for this weather. And if we are, what happens when your child is in a spaceman’s suit only for the sun to shine in the afternoon? Worse still if they are in school (for those who don’t wear uniform) and did not carry a change of clothes. The trick is to layer up. Consider dressing them in long-sleeved tees, bomper jackets with detachable sleeves and scarfs which would then be easily “peeled off” when need be.

Check out for lots of  stylish warm stuff for your toddler boys and girls. The store specialises in kids wear that range from infants to slightly over 5 years.

Keep warm!

Featured Kenyan store-

Thanks to Charles Ngomo for the stunning photos.

Love, Joy & Xena

Lilmissbelle-X&J 5

Lilmissbelle-X&J 4

Lilmissbelle-X&J 3

Lilmissbelle-X&J 2

Lilmissbelle-X&J 1

Lilmissbelle-X&J 6




Johari and Xena look so cute and they’ve started looking alike 🙂
This weather is crazy, you have to layer upp otherwise you’ll end up baking in a sweater top when the sun finally decides to shine. Gotta keep our little ones warm and stay stylish


I heard someone say the weather was behaving all woman-like #moody

They both look so adorable,esp in the pic where Xena is laughing.

I so don’t like being cold, but the other thing is looking like I carried my whole wardrobe when it becomes hot like today is bound to be till jioni. I also need a wardrobe change to ensure that when I layer I don’t look like the rainbow in the office/ on the streets.
(waiting on that button like…)


…today I had to use a google dictionary to check what those words mean…Love the writing …
.. I love to layer,I hate dressing the toddler like an Eskimo…???and I totally dislike extremely heavy clothes ?? so layering works perfecto….
.. We live in Kijabe ,now u can imagine the cold is ten times Nairobi’s but we still go about our routines ,and atleast the many trips we make between Nairobi and Thika in a week make us not feel the cold as much …
…I love that college jacket and those pink shoes(have spotted them in bata) ,???
.. Lovely post Joy…Happy weekend (mine starts today ,weekend mode activated )


    Lol Waceke which words are those? Kijabe must be -15 degrees or something so when you come to Nairobi you must think it’s summer hehe. Why is your weekend starting today? And you just had to rub it in *sob sob* Enjoy though.


..I totally feel you on this one…gosh Skylar and I literally had a random shopping plot for loads more of her heavy warm wear last week Wednesday..till they’ve now squashed and squeezed her closet lol!….whaat..wouldn’t wanna joke with this cold weather and my baby… and i loove Xena’s whole outfit.. superb and stunning as ever..especially the jacket and shoes..beautiful!..xoxo

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