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My second studio experience (NTV AM LIVE)

September 23, 2016

Days of the week are finally beginning to make sense to me, thanks to my new teachers. Today is Tuesday.

I wake up from my afternoon nap to a pleasant surprise. Grandma is perched on the couch with a glass of water in one hand and a book in the other. Excitedly, I haul myself onto her seeking a hug and a kiss, almost spilling the water. “Shushu how did you come here?” I ask, taking notice that neither dad or mum is around. She informs me that mommy drove her home but mommy was unwell and having a nap. I know not to disturb mommy when she’s sleeping so I engage grandma in a few stories about my day at school before grabbing my scooter and doing a few laps in the house.

A while later, my parent’s bedroom door swings open and mommy walks into the living room looking sleepy. “You blacked out mama?” I inquire, given that every time she comes home from work fatigued she tells me that she is about to black out. She explains she was unwell, just like grandma said, but she was feeling much better.

“I have some great news for you. Tomorrow I will be taking you to the studio. You will be on TV”

“To see Brenda??” I ask, recalling how much fun I had with Brenda during my first studio experience.

“No not Brenda this time. You will be hanging out with Kobi at her AM LIVE show on NTV. Say Kobi?”


“Not Kobe. Kobi!” Trust mommy to ensure I get my pronunciation right all the time!

For the next few minutes before dinner is served, I am taken through some basic decorum as mommy calls it. “Remember to say thank you whenever someone compliments you, okay?”

“What is compliment?”

“When someone tells you something nice. Like they love your hair. Or you are beautiful. Or they love your blog”

“What is a blog?”

“Just say thank you Xena, okay?”


I am told that I have to sit still and speak with confidence. I decide not to ask the meaning of confidence because mommy might just decide against taking me to the studio all together.

The following morning, I wake up in a foul mood. Jacky my nanny tries to get me to have my cornflakes but I decline. I tell mommy that I want to carry my Samsung Tab to the studio and thereafter to school and she gets really annoyed.

“You know the rules Xena so don’t waste valuable time. The tablet is to be only used during free time. Is studio time your free time?”


“Is school your free time?”


She asks me to cheer up because she does not hang out with people who sulk. I start crying. In retrospect, I think I was just craving some attention because grandma and uncle Eldy were around and they always give me lots of attention whenever I am upset.

Mommy tells me she will go to the studio alone and Uncle Eldy would drop me to school. I panic at the thought of missing out on all the action and I immediately tell her that I will behave myself.

“See?” I flash my teeth and pretend to smile.

The entire household bursts out laughing. I do not know why they find me hilarious.

We bump into Kobi at the lift and I immediately take to her. She is so bubbly and full of praises about me. She walks into the studio and we are asked to wait in the lounge for a while. There’s a TV right across where we are seated and almost immediately I look up to find images of my sister and I displayed on the screen. I am thrilled and I keep screaming at mommy telling her to look at Xena and Xia!

Finally, we get into the studio. It has so many screens and half the time my photos are showing on them. I am over the moon, and so is mommy. Kobi asks me to feel free and play with the balls on the table, pour water from the cups into some empty pots if I want to and in return I should promise to sing the National Anthem. I knew this was going to be fun!

Kobi and mommy chat away as I turn her studio upside down, what with all the play items provided to me! At some point, I get bored of playing with the water and walk across the studio to keenly analyze some photos on one of the screen. Shortly after, I am called back on stage to sing the National Anthem and I do it with gusto. Everyone is laughing and clapping. Again, I don’t know why big people find me funny.

I could get used to these studio sessions and seeing myself on TV. Thank you so much Kobi for having my mommy and I over. Like I told you on set, you are my new best friend!

Love, Xena.

Lilmissbelle- Xena & Kobi 1

Lilmissbelle- Xena & Kobi 2

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7 years ago

Waiting for the link….

Julia's mum
Julia's mum
7 years ago

You did an awesome job Xena. You were confident (remind me to tell you what this means), and engaging, humorous and a real natural in front of the camera. Good job.

Shelmith Ng'ang'a
Shelmith Ng'ang'a
7 years ago

Xena how did I miss this!
I love your shoes..your outfit.everything I mean…
okay I can see you such a drama queen Baby…
haha I ges I should see the video between you n your mum conversing in the morning.. Haha looks like a movie in away???
Joy,Keep up girl.
say her to Xia❤
I’ll search for the video.. I must see The national anthem for the second time

Nelly Wangechi
Nelly Wangechi
7 years ago

I missed the show ?.. i will search it on you tube. I want to hear Xena sing the National Anthem. ??. All the best Xena as you continue soaring to greater Heights! ?

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