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March 15, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Running

I recall one too many times in the past telling the mister how much I admired his enthusiasm for golf. To this I added that I wished I was half as passionate in something (anything actually) as he was in hitting golf balls. There’s three things that always made his love for the game evident. The dedication (waking up at 5.45am on some Saturday mornings no matter how the previous night went down), the passion (golfing in the rain on some occasions) and the commitment (I will leave this part blank because his employer might be reading hehe).

Fast forward to many years later (we are not going to count how long we’ve been together, ok?), I finally found my thing. It wasn’t a sudden revelation and honestly I didn’t see it coming. I would love to say that I woke up one morning and had this pressing urge to run, to which I yielded by grabbing my old running shoes and head phones and making a bolt for the door. After which I ran for 10km non-stop in less than an hour. Nothing could stop me, not even the realization that I had covered the entire stretch and I was back home, running straight into the living room and zooming past everyone as they watched TV. I only stopped suddenly when I got to the water dispenser and downed a full liter of water, like a camel restocking for the next three months. I would love to say that’s how my love for running started, but sadly that’s not the case!

My relationship with running is mostly bittersweet. I derive so much happiness from the sport but half the times I struggle. Some times I don’t want to wake up and other times I have injuries that make me wonder if its worth it. Sometimes I leave the house feeling so enthusiastic but then something unexpected happens, like lack of street lights at some sections of the trail I follow and that just kills my spirits. Sometimes I feel so hungry in the middle of a run (mostly happens when I get to Statehouse, imagine that!) and I get tempted to show up for breakfast at the house on the hill. But the one thing that’s constant is the feeling I get after a run.  A deep sense of ataraxia.

I started running around March last year but never took it seriously until around September. In fact, I recall accompanying the mister for one of his golf escapades at Vipingo Ridge early September and I wrote about how his passion for golf still had me raising eyebrows. Which means, I still had’t discovered my passion but was in the process. At the onset, I would walk from the office to my house (about six kilometers) then I started interspersing the walks with slow one minute runs. I got bored of the route and moved to Jaffreys where I would run for one lap (400m) and walk the next one, covering 10 laps in total (4kms). One day I pushed myself and covered 5 laps of non-stop running. That’s the moment I made a volte-face and embraced running with all its flaws, and mine. I realized that just like everything else in life, the ability to run well is all in the mind.

Running will not always be fun. Some days you will struggle, others you will break your records. But you gotta get up and run, which mostly is the biggest challenge. To overcome this, find things that enhance your running experience. Music and new outfits are my charm. This morning I almost did not get out of bed then I remembered the outfit that I had spread out the previous night. I immediately jumped out of bed with a smile on my face.

Lilmissbelle- Running

Lilmissbelle- Running



You are doing a great job sharing your running (fitness) journey. You are the reason I started running. I run almost everyday for 10kms or more and I must admit that “Music and new outfits” do wonders but the most encouraging thing is the feeling one gets after the run. Whenever I don’t feel like running…I scroll through your Instagram page and motivation just kicks in 🙂


I love it! Explains my initial journey with my current gym situation perfectly…I’ve been such a grinch for the last 3 weeks because I’ve been away from the gym! We have to have a gym session after you’re done with exams 🙂


    Fitness enthusiasts are the worst when they haven’t received their dose of adrenaline in a while so I know exactly what you mean! I can’t wait to work out with you Tote. That date is long overdue.


You inspire me! mimi niko tu jaffreys na going for five laps continuously is such a task! actually headed to jaffreys now


Running is so much fun! Good read here and its encouraging especially having broken my whole 3 days in a week for gym and cardio to wednesday evenings for runs. Still a newbie and can’t do nonstop runs but i hope to get there, without the heavy and dry breathes i get.


Wueeee….this is quite impressive. ……the outfit is also quite nice and definately worth getting out of bed for! Just wondering aloud…do u also do makeup before u run?


    Hahahahah Eva you are too fresh! You do realize that some of the photos I post are from shoots done in advance hence the made up look. But you are right, Next shoot will be as natural as possible. Maybe head for a shoot on Saturday straight after a run! Thanks for reading dear.


how I miss my runs at jaffreys. I want to go back to it gradually but the challenge is starting especially when the weight is much more than it was. One day i’ll be back and we’ll do this together.


    You have to start Terry even if it means walking all the way initially. Can’t wait to see you back on track and then we can do a marathon together. Maybe Capetown Marathon in September will inspire you!! Let’s do this Terry!

Wambui Ndirangu

I understand this journey (running) too well. When I began I really struggled with consistency but gradually I did embrace it and the most fulfilling part is the after feeling when you have hit your target. I Always look forward to your fitness posts and updates.


i admire your passion and commitment, have a feeling i will be seeing you in stanchart marathon in November, for 21km maybe? 🙂

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