My New Running Mate!

March 29, 2017

You know how big I am on finding activities that appeal to my kids and I, right? Let’s learn a new word today, shall we?

Hammy. Adjective

Used to describe an actor or acting that is unnatural and uses too much emotion.

That pretty much describes me. I can’t lie with a straight face even if my life depended on it. My emotions sit pretty on my sleeves making it very easy for anyone including my four-year-old daughter to tell when I am excited, bored, unbothered or enraged. It also makes it very hard for me to pretend to love some of the things that interest her but are not up my street.

Case in point. The other day she came across a new box of play dough in her cabinet which must have been one of those party bag items from a friend’s birthday party. With her play dough in hand, she comes to my room and finds me seated on my bed with my laptop on my thighs, typing away. Reminds me I desperately need a writing station. She shows off her new find and tells me to look away as she was going to make something nice for me. I turn back to my laptop and within a minute or so, she goes like

“Ta-da!” stretching out her hand toward me. She’s holding something but I can’t see it because it’s cupped with the other hand.

“Show me show me! What did you make?”

“An octopus.” She lifts off the palm of her right hand to reveal a legit octopus, complete with eight tentacles! Except that some tentacles are thicker than others and it seems to have a head! Do they have heads?  (Note to self, head over to Google to remind me what an octopus looks like once I am done banging this copy) I am totally in awe nevertheless.

“You, my baby girl, are a genius! That is spectacular and I am so proud of you.”

Minutes later, she makes a bottle resembling the one I use at the gym. This girl has gifted hands, no wonder jewelry arts is her favorite extra curriculum activity.

She goes ahead to make a million other things: a spoon, the moon, a shoe, a chair, a giraffe. At some point she runs out of ideas and turns to me.

“Mama, what can you make?”

I think for a minute and nothing comes to mind. After all she has replicated almost all of God’s creation!

“You don’t know how to make anything mama?” She persists, with a disappointed look on her face.

“Teach me Xena. Teach me how to make things. I only know how to write.”

“But I have taught you all these things?” She says, pointing at all her artifacts lined up on my bedside table.

I am embarrassed. I try thinking of one thing, just one thing that I can craft and wow her but nothing, not even a pencil comes to mind.

So, I shut down my laptop, place it on the side of the bed and stare her down, lest she thinks her mom is a failure.

“There’s one other thing I know too well, and that’s running outside. You wanna join me today I teach you a few tricks?”

This girl is one with nature, just like her mother. She’s enthralled at the thought of going outdoors and she quickly crumbles up her artifacts and stashes the play dough in the box. She’s even more excited about her new track suit, which she quickly retrieves from her room. She has been dying for a chance to wear it since I showed it to her a few days ago.

I also can’t wait to try out my new Adidas shoes.


Last Saturday, I picked up a track suit and a few other training outfits for Xena at the Deacons store at the Hub. I was there hoping to catch a bargain on a pair of running shoes after learning of this massive up to 50% discount sale they have been running. They had such cute little fitness outfits for kids and fancy water bottles that knocked my socks off. I ended up purchasing so much for Xena as I found better bargains on the kids’ section.

Thankfully, there’s one activity we can both thoroughly enjoy without any of us having to put up a hammy performance.


Only DEAL members can enjoy the massive discounts. To sign up, click on this link .

Lilmissbelle- adidas

Lilmissbelle - Adidas Lilmissbelle- adidas Lilmissbelle- adidas Lilmissbelle- adidas

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6 years ago

I have never commented here even thou av been reading. This article makes my heart tickle….Absolutely love it

6 years ago

I like the article. How much are the gears and shoes? I need to buy a few.

Vera Mungai
Vera Mungai
6 years ago

I love the article it’s so well written. I’ll definitely go to adidas to check out the sale.

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