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The White Blouse

March 20, 2017
Lilmissbelle- Blouse

A friend asked me yesterday if I had shifted the focus of the blog from children’s lifestyle to motherhood to which I answered it’s my platform and I can post whatever I feel like. Kidding. See, I find it hard to showcase my children’s lifestyle without telling my story-the joys and frustration of bringing them up as well as the things that keep me sane which is mostly fitness. So, worry not, this is still a children’s fashion and lifestyle blog but with some (or a lot) of focus on motherhood. As I pointed out to a reader last week, my schedule has been so tight and finding time to do fashion shoots for Xena has been quite a challenge. However, we are in luck today as I just came across this stash of images that we captured at the beginning of the year while running the Alladin campaign. I love how classy and grown up the white blouse makes her look. If only I could find it in my size! I hope you love the look and I promise to find time to do more of her posts.

Wishing you a productive week!


Shoes- Onceuponachild

Shirt and jeans- Alladin

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

Lilmissbelle- Blouse

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Muthoni shelmith

Beautiful Xena.. She is gorgeous as always
…had missed you
Wow I love her blouse if only I could grab my size..
Blessed week joy…

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