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Bake Award- Best Lifestyle Blog Nominee. Thank you!

April 5, 2017

Don’t you guys miss the days when letters were life? When we would actually take time to buy delightful writing pads and sharp-pointed pens (for those with horrible hand writing like me). The elements of an impressive letter were incomplete if you forgot to purchase the very expensive conqueror envelopes! If you don’t know what those are then you also don’t understand how special letters were. Talk to a friend in their late twenties.

With pen and paper at hand, we would find time to construct beautiful paragraphs, sewn with corny phrases, like needle and thread patching a torn garment. Time was always available before responsibilities (and social media) reared their ugly heads and we had to have jobs and side hustles and families and …you get the drift). The letters would never be meaningful if they didn’t have corny phrases like “I want to live in your socks so that I can be with you every step of the way!” Ha!

We would pull a chair and sit at a desk as opposed to typing on a text messaging app while lying in bed. We would position ourselves at an angle over the desk (45 degrees worked best for me and I would lean in so hard, from the back one would think I was drowsing), and express our feelings how we knew best, through writing letters. Those who sought to impress others but could not write to save their lives got the literary wizards to do it for them at a fee, which was usually a barter kind of trade.

During my O levels, I longed for those letters like a mother longs for their unborn baby. I also sent out a huge chunk of them and my best memory was the letters I would send to my cousin Sophy. I think we communicated on a fortnight basis through letters.  Sadly, we moved houses so much as I was growing up (partly due to violence over election periods)  and I lost all the letters I ever received. If Sophy happens to have her copies, I will share an except over here soon. I am sure they would make for great comic relief.

On Monday, we got nominated for the Bake Awards under the Best Lifestyle Blog category. The feeling was surreal (still is) and immediately I learnt of it, I told everyone that cared to listen about it. At some point, I felt rather conceited, like I was unnecessarily vaunting this achievement. But someone who has been there before told me to dwell in that 9th cloud for as long as I wanted because there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the recognition of one’s work.

It is because of all of you that we have come this far and grown so much along the way. Your comments, suggestions, positive criticism and genuine appreciation of the content we work tirelessly to churn has kept Xena and I motivated for the last 1 year and 10 months, even when we were totally burnt out. The writing is exciting but gets draining sometimes, especially when I have to juggle between so much and still attempt to deliver a masterpiece, hoping to reach the dizzy heights of being recognized as a literary virtuoso. The photo shoots? Fun as they may be (or appear to be) can get extremely exhausting. I learnt this when I modeled for the first time for this Toto Wraps campaign and after about 20 minutes of shooting I had had it up to my head! It then hit me that Xena, who we started shooting at 2.5 years, had a tough row to hoe. I stopped pushing her excessively. Luckily, she has grown to love it to the point of complaining when we take long breaks from our projects.

To the partners who trusted us even when we were not commanding massive readership, the photographers that we have worked with for being so patient, Bikozulu Masterclass and FC Bett for providing me with the tools that have shaped my writing, the mister whose brainchild this blog is and every one of you for cheering us, reading, liking, commenting and even the silent readers. Thank you from Xena and I, from the bottom of our hearts. If I could, I would hand-write a letter to every one of you and deliver it personally, but you know how hectic Nairobi traffic is (hehe).

Above all, we thank God for making it all possible!

If you haven’t already, please vote for us over here, Best Lifestyle Blog, category 19.a

Hugs & Kisses!

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Lilmissbelle- Deacons

Lilmissbelle- Deacons

Lilmissbelle- Deacons

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6 years ago

Happy you are nominated. Voted already. Hope you and Xena cinch it. you deserve it.

6 years ago

Just voted for you. All the best. You and Xena deserve this.

Muthoni shelmith
Muthoni shelmith
6 years ago

.joy back then did use writing pads? And if you didn’t have one the struggle was real to borrow or to purchase from your friends??
…And I would write back to you saying “Anytime”and drop it personally to see you again?(Already voted)
…xena looking good as always.

6 years ago

And if I could I would write a ‘you’re welcome ‘ note right back at you, but you know, Nairobi traffic ?

Voted already ? Let us pray for all the best ?

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