When Your Child’s Singing Freaks You Out!

July 21, 2017

You are seated at the dinning table just about to have your breakfast. It’s 7.30 am on a freezing Tuesday morning, so you’ve prepared your standard meal of two eggs, well done and a mug of black coffee with no sugar. Plus a green crispy apple that hopefully will keep cholera at bay and the doctor away. You lift the coffee mug off your rustic table and bring it close to your lips. But first, as a ritual, you suspend the mug mid-air and take in a deep breath, allowing the aroma to cleanse your nostrils. Just as you are about to take the first sip, you hear the sound of faint footfalls coming down the stair case accompanied with discordant whistling. The whistling is immediately replaced by an attempt to sing, a rote of sorts. You sip your coffee and smile at this upcoming hip-hop artist who is now within eyeshot, tackling the last set of stairs. She is so engrossed in her chant, completely oblivious to your presence which is funny until the words catch your attention. You shriek with horror and abashment, almost spilling the coffee on your white camisole.

You desperately want to believe you heard wrong. After all, this child’s diction can be wanting. Like when she says “afterlool” or “naybe” or “revuse the volume” or “chindren” and you never bother correcting some of the words because they sound really cute coming from her. Also, you need something babyish about her to hold on to for as long as possible because they grow too fast. But luck is not on your side. At least not today. She gives her two-lined jam another shot and the words are clear as day.

“All ma friends are dead, push me to the edge. All ma friends are dead, push me to the edge,” she hums away as she finally looks towards your direction and spots you. She beams with excitement and walks over to you. Your presence at this hour on a weekday is a treat.

“Good morning mama?” she says as she pulls a seat next to you. “Why do you look scared?”

“Because I am worried about you.” you say.

“But I don’t have a fever” she mutters, placing the front of her palm on her forehead.

“I know you don’t, but you said you’ve lost your friends.”


“You just said all your friends are gone” You say to her, too terrified to use the exact word she used.

“Aiiii. I haven’t said anything about my friends going.” she demurs while staring at you in confusion. “Mama I think you are losing it.”

Obviously, she has no idea how dark and scary those ten words she was nonchalantly reciting are. To her, like most of us, it is just a catchy song, one that’s probably plaid by our favourite stations over and over again. We hear it, we hum it, we sing along to it, but we don’t pause to think what exactly we are singing and the impact it may have on our kids.

Most kids are currently on holiday. Some of them for a few weeks, and others, for the long summer break that stretches for two months. Do you know how they are spending their time while you are busy at work making a quick buck? Do you really know?

We shall explore ways to ensure your kids stay grounded in an upcoming feature.

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6 years ago

I like how you narrate your story, very funny and interesting, I can picture the whole scenario. And that girl!….. I would really love to meet her.

6 years ago

These kids pick up songs too fast, I’ll be alert to what’s playing.
I love the shoes, I wish I could get a pair just like that, I normally shop in the teens corner, perhaps you have a pair.

6 years ago
Reply to  Lil'missbelle

Funny thing is people do not realize it until you get your own children.

Next thing you will make your own child-friendly tunes.

6 years ago

I love the shoes Xin xin

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