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Xena’s Prayer

October 13, 2017

Lately, I’ve been working my fingers to the bone and it’s becoming increasingly hard to find time to write. I am up to here (hand on my forehead) with work and it’s sucking the life out of me. So, I decided to take up Bikram Yoga (more like went back to it) to bring some calm into my system. But, besides taking away the lethargy, yoga has also brought with it gallons of sleep. Right after my class, all I want is a mug of Kericho Gold’s Specialty Infusion, Orange flavour. Then I want to curl like a ball in my bed by 8.45pm and allow that overwhelming sleep to consume me, if the mosquitoes will allow it.

Last Sunday, I took Xena and Xia to Giraffe Centre. Xia was least bothered by the gracefully tall creatures and was just having fun being outdoors. Xena tried feeding them but hated how they licked the pellets off her hand.

“Can we go see rabbits next time?” She said to me as I was busy running after her sister. She had taken off to that area where they sell curios.

“I thought you would be fascinated by giraffes.” I said to her.

“What is fascinated?” She inquired with a sneer on her face.

“It means impressed or excited.” I offered, finally catching up with Xia who was now standing under a tree marvelling at a pink balloon that she clung to. Next to her was a stocky guy in a beige hat and a brown leather jacket and reeking of ambition. He had set up a make shift toy shop under the tree. I was about to reprimand him for giving Xia the balloon without my permission when Xena, who was tugging behind me, suddenly exclaimed.

“Oh my God! That is so cute! Can I have one?” Her eyes lit up like she had just spotted a Lamborghini.

Don’t you hate how these peeps selling toys are always quick to target your kids? Especially the ones selling stuff that you know will meet their demise in less than two minutes after purchase. They see kids and run to them, displaying all sorts of niceties, even putting them in their hands to feel them, elevating their excitement to level 1000. At that point, you would have to be Cinderella’s step mother to deny them their hearts’ desires.

So, Xena was referring to this inflated toy giraffe. I drove for miles and paid park entrance fees for her to be one with nature and all she cared for was an inflated toy giraffe? I tried dissuading her, telling her that it would deflate before she could even pronounce her sister’s name but she could have none of that. I had no choice but to buy it, plus her sister’s balloon.

On our way home, she tells me that her giraffe’s legs had collapsed and if I could please inflate it. I wanted to tell her that she should have listened to me, but instead, I said I didn’t have the strength to inflate it and she should ask her daddy (who was out of the country) or Uncle Eldy when he visits.

“Only my daddy and Uncle Eldy have power?” She asked.

“In deed Xena.” I said.

Later that night, just before I tucked her in, she sat up on her bed and said her prayers.

“Dear Lord, please help my mommy to stop getting tired and sleepy all the time. Also, please help her to get powers like my daddy and uncle Eldy. Or maybe you can just inflate the giraffe for me dear Lord. In Jesus name we pray, amen.”

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

Lilmissbelle- Giraffe Centre

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6 years ago

Amen…. How wonderful, ??

Elsa Ogutu
6 years ago

Quite hilarious…the balloon guy reeking of ambition.May be i need that yoga stuff,i haven’t been sleeping well of late(since i came back from a holiday..)

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