Repose: Postcard from Hong Kong

November 27, 2017
Lilmissbelle - Hong Kong

It’s 11.00am in Hong Kong. I woke up about 45 minutes ago, dashed downstairs for breakfast which was quite prosaic. But even if they had a buffet befitting a queen, it would have been wasted on me because I am suffering a bad bout of diarrhoea. I really need to stop being adventurous with my meals. Last night, I had Parmesan Cheese and Parma Ham with Pickle and Honey. My Nakuru waru and avocado loving stomach obviously could not handle it.

Lilmissbelle - Hong Kong

I am also extremely exhausted from yesterday’s marathon, an experience that I intend to narrate soon (the marathon not the exhaustion). So, the plan is to sit in bed and listen to GMITM on HBR currently playing Be by Tekno (what would I do without Tune In) while soaking in this spectacular view of the verdant hills from the floor to ceiling windows.

Lilmissbelle - Hong Kong

I will also try to finish my Stephen King novel Finder’s Keepers which from the date of purchase (I always inscribe in the first page when I buy a new book) indicates that I have had it since 20th of June this year! Happens when you have a habit of reading five books at one go. And when my tummy settles, I’ll go downstairs and watch ships dock at the harbour. I have this thing for the sea and ships and I could stare at them for a whole day.

Lilmissbelle - Hong Kong

Forgive me for this excuse of a feature but I promise you a proper story on Friday.


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