Lilmissbelle 12 Days of Christmas

Day 10: His & Hers Scents

December 21, 2017
Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents

Several times, I have walked into an empty lift at 7.30am at work into this musky and exotic scent. It always makes me want to hang around there longer than I should. More importantly, it bugs me that I have not been able to pin down the man behind the delectable sensory dessert. His woodsy scent always takes me back to Spice Island in Zanzibar, somewhere I would gladly move to for a year even if they didn’t have WIFI.

I have this image of the guy in my head. He is of average height, perhaps 5″8. He dresses in meticulously pressed cotton shirts and expensive silk ties. I imagine that he loves subtle colours, like white or baby blue, but once in a while when he wants to impress, he pulls out his expensive pink shirt from Trenery. He gets home at 7:00pm buggered from dealing with obstinate clients and a disobliging boss. However, his knackered state is not obvious because his shirt remains pressed and sparkling and his scent is still unbelievably wispy.  I bet his woman loves to bury her nose in the crook of his neck and take a lungful of his earthy scent.

I have partnered with His & Hers Scents yet again to award one of you with a Bath & Body Works hamper containing the masculine Teakwood Body Cream and Shower Gel. This fragrance is a distinct blend of mahogany, black teakwood and lavender. A guy who wears it has everything cut out for him. He doesn’t need to be funny or have striking features because his scent will do all the work for him. He will even be forgiven for bad grammar, like using the word irregardless.

To win this, drop a comment below telling us what your favourite Bath & Body Works scent is and share an image of the same on Instagram with the hashtag #lilmissbelle12daysofchristmas tagging @lil_missbelle and @his_and_her_scents. I hope this giveaway brings all the boys in the yard! Ladies, you can win it for your men too. As usual, you have to be subscribed to this blog and following my Instagram account and that of His & Hers Scents to win. I have announced the winner of day 8 in the comments section of the post and day nine on the Instagram page of mykids_couture.

Thanks to Eka Hotel for allowing us to shoot in their luxurious executive room. Follow them on Instagram and look out for their giveaway soon.

Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents Lilmissbelle - His & Hers Scents



Hi Joy.
For me its the Japanese Cherry Blossom, there is something about the watermelony smell that just gets me. I love a good scent and this always gets me deep in my nostrils 🙂 I apply very little and it lasts the entire day! I always have the travel size botte with me. I’d really love to win this hamper for my man so that we can both smell delicious.


I love scents! It makes you stand out, gives you more personality. My favourite is pink chiffon. I have used Twilight Woods one time but can’t battle my love for Pink Chiffon!


My favorite Bath and body works scent has to be “At the beach” I have used the shower gel and the body lotion and the coconuty scent in it is so breathtaking. I got a pack when I traveled to DC and they had it as a gift pack if you bought more than 3 lotions (for the price of two – summer offers) Second favorite scent which was first place before I came across “At the beach” is A thousand wishes….. The flowery scent surely sends you to the land of fantasies and a thousand wishes. Third favorite has to be Warm Sugar Vanilla…… Lemme leave it at that. But I hope I win the gift pack for the love of my life. He deserves the best for being the best throughout 2017.


Scents.. I can’t survive without smelling good. I love love beautiful scents.. It Is among one of those things I look for in a man and y’all know that the list is loong. Men who smell musky and strong and so male just make you feel like hugging them longer than you should, they make your heart bit a little faster every time they lean in close. Don’t get me started on how you are left with longing if he is just a crush.. Every time he passes you’ll be left drinking in that amazing scent.. I hope I win this hamper for my boo, he is crazy about scents. I have to thank you mom, due to the #lilmissbelle12daysofchristmas I was able to buy my all time favorite scent from his and hers.. Pink chiffon… Be blessed

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